As I’ve penned in previous columns and often discussed on our show, a vast majority of Americans hold dear a multitude of conservative principles. But if this is true, why don’t they throw their weight behind the candidates championing these very principles? 

I wholeheartedly stand by this assertion that I often make: 80% of Americans would agree with 80% of what I air on our radio show and podcast. So then, why in the world do I get bombarded with so much vitriol on Twitter (X), TikTok, and Facebook?

Allow me to peel back the layers and explain. 

The Emotional Battleground

Politics, my friends, has become one massive emotional battleground, especially in today’s America. Everything has become political. Everything. What you eat. What you drink. What you drive. What you wear. You name it. It’s everywhere, seeping into every nook and cranny of our lives.

On top of that, people can develop an emotional connection to a political party. Some folks come from a multi-generational family of Democrat or Republican voters. And it’s tough to break that tradition — much like it is for the children of Red Sox fans to become die-hard Yankees fans. 

That might explain some of the reason why folks personally embrace conservative principles but shy away from supporting conservative candidates, but there’s still more to this puzzle.

We Are Inundated With Lies

The truth is, Americans are manipulated and lied to on an extremely regular basis. This manipulation is subtle, but ubiquitous, giving it the power to sneak past the defenses of unsuspecting Americans. 

This hoodwinking comes gift-wrapped by the anti-American Radical Left, who’ve clutched the reins of power in our culture and society. They’re at war with truth, reality, and the bedrock of American principles. They despise the America our forefathers carved out. Their objective? To remake this great nation into something that aligns with their morally bankrupt worldview.

These Leftists devise things like The Cloward-Piven Strategy and Rules for Radicals. Their condescending arrogance prevents them from keeping their strategies secret, but relatively few Americans know anything about them.

Radical Leftists are completely devoted to their worldview. In fact, their worldview is a type of religion. Though it’s godless, they worship at the altar of their worldview because they find it to have ultimate value. Everything else comes a very distant second. 

Some forgo having kids, citing climate concerns. Others turn vegan for similar reasons. And then there are those making permanent changes to their bodies based on the Left’s misguided views on gender.

It’s sad. And it’s dangerous. 

Throw into the mix that some who align with conservative values seem to be napping at the wheel, blissfully unaware or indifferent to the ideological war blazing across America. They’re under the subtle influence of what I call the Seven Pillars of Propaganda.

These pillars — Government, Academia, Entertainment, Media, Science, Woke Business, and Big Tech — are all under the thumb of the Radical Left. Their aim? To nudge or outright manipulate unwitting Americans into accepting their godless worldview.

For these Leftists, the end always justifies the means. And their endgame? To refashion America in the mold of their worldview.

The Government Pillar of Propaganda

Let’s consider one of the most perilous Pillars of Propaganda in the Left’s arsenal today: Government. 

Ultimately, the government is force. The Founders knew and understood this. And it’s one of the primary reasons they desired a limited government. After all, when the government grows, liberty shrinks. 

And boy, has our federal government ballooned! It’s a gargantuan, unsustainable, and ineffective behemoth now. Our federal debt’s racing towards $34 trillion, for crying out loud. The unelected, unaccountable bureaucratic monster it’s become was never in the Founders’ blueprint.

Congress has stopped passing budgets and instead has chosen to engage in acts of political theater interspersed between self-made crises. 

The Biden administration has weaponized the Department of Justice against their political opposition. 

The judicial branch ignores laws with which it disagrees and makes up laws it prefers instead. 

The federal government abdicates its constitutional responsibilities and pursues things well outside the purview of the Constitution. 

They lie. They cheat. They steal.

To them, it’s all about optics. They aim to snag a seat in office and, once in, they hustle to bankroll their reelection campaigns.

Or maybe to line their own pockets.

How many arrive in DC penniless and exit as millionaires? It’s an appalling transformation, hardly resembling “public service.”

The lovers of big government reign supreme in our nation’s Capital, state capitals, and local political bastions. They manipulate governmental powers — both legitimate and dubious — to enrich and entrench themselves, fortified by ample propaganda to secure their position in the political ruling class. 

You Can Reclaim the Power

But do not lose heart, my friends! 

The approaching 2024 Election presents an unprecedented opportunity to reclaim some of the power wrested from us over the decades.

You’ve got the chance to champion liberty. Educate your kids and grandkids, attend school board meetings, rally like-minded individuals, volunteer, hold your elected representatives accountable, donate, spread truth.

Many Americans, irrespective of their political affiliations, are awakening to the corruption festering in our halls of government. They’ve had enough.

We’ve been handed an unprecedented opportunity to reclaim some of the power siphoned away by our government. Will we seize it?

Conservative, not bitter.


Todd Huff of The Todd Huff Show is an entertaining syndicated radio show host and podcaster, a dynamic columnist, and an insightful political/cultural commentator. His journey began in 2015, podcasting from his closet, a testament to his grassroots approach. Hailing from the heart of small-town USA in flyover country, Todd embodies the spirit of common sense in today’s discourse, proudly advocating a conservative but not bitter perspective.

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