This column is adapted from Jason Jones’ upcoming book The Great Campaign: Against the Great Reset, which will appear in early 2024.


We all lived through it, though we might not like to remember it. Some of us were quicker than others to realize what was being done to us: That the manufactured panic about bioengineered COVID was being used as a psy-op to terrorize the citizens of most countries on earth, to strip them of basic liberties, centralize wealth, censor all media, and grant unthinkable power to unelected elites.

None of us wanted to believe that. It was like the plot of some Roger Moore-era James Bond movie, whose very vastness and madness made critics sound like paranoids, and helped the Big Lie get believed. Even today, I find it hard to believe that Klaus Schwab is actually real and running the World Economic Forum — meeting with presidents and moving lawmakers like chesspieces — rather than some cartoonish villain from a hack screenwriter’s rejected first draft.

How We Responded to the COVID Panic Psy-Op

Of those who were bold enough to admit the truth, some sank into torpor. They were staggered and battered, like hostages held in a basement. They just wanted to survive this artificial crisis, hope for the best, and wait for someone else to correct things.

Others stepped up and stepped out … and were promptly stepped upon. Pro-lifers who insisted on rejecting an abortion-linked vaccine were marginalized and scapegoated, condemned even by the Vatican — which minted a coin to celebrate the useless, immoral vaccination of children.

Doctors who warned of the grossly inadequate research behind the vaccine, or promoted alternative treatments to those failing patients around the world lost their practices, their licenses, and their reputations.

Civil libertarians who objected to the selective closure of churches and businesses, which somehow spared abortion clinics, casinos, and big box stores, and the politicized suspension of state constitutions got smeared as “racist-adjacent” and ostracized.

When black entrepreneur Herman Cain died of COVID after attending a Trump rally, media figures sneered at him for going to a “superspreader event.” But white Marxists from Antifa who rioted in our cities were lauded for fighting “racism as a threat to public health.”

They Said the Quiet Part Out Loud

I could go on for hundreds of pages. But you know what I mean, which is why you’re reading this book. You also remember how in the midst of this manipulated crisis fueled by censorship and lies, financial oligarchs and leftist politicians from Bill Gates to Justin Trudeau, from George Soros to Joe Biden, announced that they had no intention of ever letting our lives return to normal. This crisis would not go to waste.

Instead, they would “build back better” via a “Great Reset” which permanently stripped away the liberties that we’d foolishly surrendered temporarily, allegedly to get us all through a pandemic.

This book is an attempt to clarify and organize the movement to resist, push back, reject, and expose the agenda of globalist power-grabbers who displayed staggering, Nazi-level cynicism in using people’s terror of a bioweapon to rob them of basic human rights and dismantle the political institutions (such as the U.S. Constitution) which their ancestors fought and died to create, in defense of those rights. We must admit there was a conspiracy, without becoming conspiracy theorists. Acknowledge that we have enemies, without becoming paranoid. Admit the vastness of the task that faces us, without descending either into despair or nihilistic rage.

No Place But the Foot of the Cross

And that’s only possible with God. No political philosopher could have prepared us for this. No tradition of learning, however wholesome and sophisticated, can offer us all the answers. We face principalities and powers in the high places, whose contempt for the human race itself and the human condition sets them apart from past historical villains. You can’t look to the history books to find an evil that wants to wipe out, or completely pervert, the human species. For that you need to read things like C.S. Lewis’s That Hideous Strength, or Robert Hugh Benson’s The Lord of the World.

That’s why this book is centered solidly in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Classical reason He chose as the vessel for expressing it, and the still-living institutions in the West that embody it. We need each of these tools to craft a successful response, and moderate our rightly outraged passions. Or else we will fall into the Enemy’s trap, and do more harm than good.

The Final Dystopia Offered by Antichrist

The Great Reset proposed by the godless, anti-human elites who dominate the West is the most comprehensive dystopia ever invented by man, a kind of cocktail of Orwell’s 1984, Huxley’s Brave New World, and the nightmare world of The Matrix films. The future proposed by elites is a boot stomping on a human face, forever — but the face is no longer human. It has been bioengineered, and trained to expect, even enjoy this kind of treatment.

We need to squarely face how completely our self-styled leaders have rejected the sane, shared assumptions that once permitted secular liberals and Christian conservatives to find common ground. So we must begin by exposing the five “ideologies of evil” that constitute a genuine pandemic, a disease in the minds and souls of the most influential people in the richest parts of the world.

The New Ideologies of Evil

Let me name them and briefly summarize them here.

  • Victimism: The systematic corruption of Christian empathy for the weak and the marginalized, and its transformation into a cynical political tool for grabbing power, amassing wealth, attaining prestige, and leaving the real victims of our day forgotten and abandoned.
  • Gnosticism: The perversion of rational discourse and honest debate into a tool for elites to hide their abuse of power, intimidate their critics, and silence anyone brave enough to question their tyrannical agenda.
  • Transhumanism: The rejection of our human nature itself as God created it, as an embodied soul, with two sexes, that lives in families and raises children to worship God and live in freedom. The perversion of that human nature into a frustrated, would-be ‘god’ which detests Creation and wants to replace it with the shabby works of man.
  • Anti-Humanism: The turn against humanity itself as something good, worth preserving and advancing. The replacement of benevolence toward our fellow human beings with invented, allegedly ecological visions of a planet thriving without 90 or 95 percent of its human population.
  • Climate Cultism: The grab for central micromanagement of all political power and economic activity on earth, via the seizure of energy supplies, allegedly to “save the planet” from climate changes that are largely natural, incidental, and beyond human control.

These are the slogans, the fantasy scenarios, the political manifestos of the enemies of Christ. We must understand the lies these people have told themselves and the world, before we present a sober, Gospel-based and rational alternative. You can’t beat nihilism with nothing.


Jason Jones is a senior contributor to The Stream. He is a film producer, author, activist and human rights worker. His new book is The Great Campaign: Against the Great Reset.

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