In their own words, Comprehensive Sex Ed (CSE) is being used as a “tool” for the “golden opportunity to create a culture shift.” By teaching children that gender is merely a construct of the mind, that sexual activity of any kind is their right, and that parents are obstacles hindering their sexual freedom, the architects of CSE are erasing the very foundation of God’s design for people, for families, and for society.
Through Social Emotional Learning (SEL) student values, attitudes and beliefs are being identified, recorded and then tracked for demonstrated change after curriculum designed to drive the desired changes is embedded into every subject at every grade level.
Children as young as pre-school are taught that gender is not biologically fixed but merely what one believes about themselves-even when it is visibly and completely disconnected from reality. Thus, they are increasingly forced to consider it ‘normal’ and reasonable to share private and intimate spaces with members of the opposite sex and using pronouns and names that do not match reality.

Women and girls are expected to remain silent about the fundamental unfairness of men and boys claiming to be female, invading and dominating their sports and robbing them of athletic opportunities both in schools and professionally.

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