Happy Monday! It’s two weeks to Christmas! Or for some, scrambling to buy gifts or prepare the house for family and friends, “It’s only two weeks to Christmas?!?!?!”

We’d better rush. First up, a major update on a story we’ve been following.

Univ. of Pennsylvania President Resigns After Dreadful Testimony Where She Couldn’t Condemn Calls for Genocide Against Jews

“One down, two to go,” says Rep. Elise Stefanik.

University of Pennsylvania President Liz Magill resigned Saturday, just days after offering dreadful testimony where she refused to say whether students calling for the genocide of Jews violates Penn’s rules or codes of conduct. (The presidents of Harvard and MIT also wouldn’t answer.) “If the speech turns into conduct, it can be harassment, yes,” Magill responded. When pressed she added, “It is a context-dependent decision.” When an astonished Stefanik repeated the question just to be clear what Magill was saying, Magill still dodged.

Faced with outrage, and donors pulling out tens of millions in endowments, Magill tried to backpedal. But the damage was done. Magill resigned … soon followed by the Chairman of the school’s Board of Regents Scot Bok.

How much harm did Magill do to Penn? She’s changing her name to Dylan Mulvaney.

Meanwhile, Saturday Night Live hit a new low. Their cold open was a spoof of the hearing where the three university presidents refused to say if calling for the genocide of the Jews violated school speech codes. Instead, of mocking the Three Unwise Ladies, Saturday Night Live decided instead to target GOP Rep. Stefanik. What’s in store for next week’s show? “Holiday Tips from Hamas”? 

Babylon Bee editor-in-chief Kyle Mann declared, “It’s actually pretty incredible how this skit featured liberals being unwilling to call genocide bad – and they WEREN’T the punchline of the joke. Just shows how unfunny you can get if you’re unwilling to make fun of people on your side.”

Spielberg Launches Effort to Gather Testimonies from Survivors of Oct 7

Schindler’s List director Steven Spielberg has finally spoken out on the Oct. 7 terrorist attack against Israel. “I never imagined I would see such unspeakable barbarity against Jews in my lifetime,” he said in a feature for his Shoah Foundation. Spielberg announced. According to The Wrap, Spielberg also announced the launch of the Countering Antisemitism Through Testimony Collection initiative. It’ll be collecting testimonies from survivors from the attacks launched by Hamas, just as he’s been collecting stories from the survivors of the Holocaust since 1994.

Huh? 50-Year-Old Dude Allowed to Compete Against Young Girls … and Share Locker Room

Nicholas Cepeda is a 50-year-old Canadian man. However, he “identifies” … not as a woman, but a teenage girl named Melody Wiseheart. And astonishingly, he was allowed to compete in a swimming competition against girls 8 to 16 in a Swimming Canada-sanctioned event December 1st. Worse, he was allowed to change in the women’s locker room with the girls. “The girls were terrified,” a parent told the Toronto Sun.

The Post Millennial reports Swim Ontario is perfectly fine with a middle-aged man competing against and stripping in front of little girls. They offer the usual blather about being “safe, welcoming and inclusive.” (Well, not safe if you’re a little girl exposed to behavior that would have landed the perp hard time mere years ago.) The competitions are open “people of all shapes, sizes, genders, beliefs and backgrounds should have the opportunity to swim to the best of their ability… with the expectation that our registrants treat each other with respect and dignity, and keep our sport environment free from harassment and abuse” and “this would include not targeting members of our community based on assumptions about their identity.”

In other words, complaining about some 50 year-old guy in your young daughter’s locker room makes him the victim.

Meanwhile, you hear about the boy who won a girls’ Irish dancing competition? Read it HERE.

Gotta Get a New Conspiracy Theory for Christmas

Seems like another crazy-sounding conspiracy theory has bit the dust. Supposedly there wasn’t enough tin foil in the world to cover the minds of those saying pedophiles were using “pizza” and pizza-connected slag to cover their wicked ways. Remember #PizzaGate? Well … the state of New Mexico is suing Mark Zuckerberg, Meta and all its subsidiaries, alleging Facebook and Instagram are a breeding ground for predators who target children for human trafficking, the distribution of sexual images, grooming, and solicitation.” According to the suit, Meta via its recommendation algorithm, serves sexually explicit material to children and enables adults to find, groom and solicit children. The company has been repeatedly warned for years, but has “failed to stem the tide of damaging sexual material and sexual propositions delivered to children.”

The suit details how “pizza,” “cheese pizza” (for child pornography) and pizza emoji have been used to communicate, and when Instagram blocked emoji for “cheese pizza” another pizza connected phrase quickly took its place.

Along The Stream

Our Nancy Flory tells the story of how “Puerto Rican Rapper Daddy Yankee Tells Audience He’s Retiring to Live for Jesus.”

Coming up at 9 eastern, Stream Contributor Mark Judge interviews scholar Robert Spencer about his fascinating new book Empire of God: How the Byzantines Saved Civilization.


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