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Happy Friday, especially for you baseball fans.

The World Series gets underway tonight between the Arizona Diamondbacks and Texas Rangers. (Or as I still call them in moments of pity, “My old Washington Senators.” Not the old, old Senators. Those are the Minnesota Twins.)

See? We can talk about old Senators without making jokes about Mitch McConnell.

With the Fall Classic in mind, keep an eye out this afternoon for a splendid article from Mark Judge on the great Jackie Robinson. It’s called “Why Baseball Superstar and Devout Christian Jackie Robinson Would Not Vote for Kamala Harris.”

So, Will Speaker Johnson Release the J6 Tapes?

New House Speaker Mike Johnson has a lot on his plate. But one question is, “Will he (finally) release the J6 tapes to the American people?” The Blaze certainly wants them made public. That site is launching a new series called “The Truth About January 6.” In the first video released in the project, The Blaze reveals it has seen video proving conclusively that former Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s security chief Special Agent David Lazarus perjured himself during the Oath Keeper trials. Video evidence proves he was nowhere near the scene where he claims to have witnessed four Oath Keepers antagonize another Capitol Hill police officer named Harry Dunn. The four were convicted and are sentenced to between 4 and 18 years.

Based, The Blaze lays out, on false evidence.

Investigative journalists Steve Baker’s story detailing Lazarus’ movements is out. But The Blaze needs Speaker Johnson to release the videos before The Blaze can show where Lazarus was when he claimed he was witnessing the altercation in the Speaker’s Lobby. (Hint: He got there minutes after the Oath Keeper members left.) But The Blaze did release a preview of its documentary.

Since these tapes include potentially exculpatory evidence for Americans now imprisoned, this ought to be an absolute no-brainer in the interests of justice, even if the J6 victims weren’t political allies of Speaker Johnson and his party. Which they are.

Ludicrous People in Serious Times, Part One: State Dept Celebrates “Intersex Awareness Day”

Whaddaya think the State Department was focused on yesterday:

  • Getting our hostages out of their Gaza hell?
  • Working to counter the explosion of open antisemitism around the world?
  • Strong-arming the U.N. into at least pretending to care about what happened to Israel?
  • Seeking a way out of the Ukraine quagmire for all involved?
  • Working to stop countries from sending illegal immigrants our way?
  • How about even focusing on making sure the Australian Prime Minister has a pleasant stay in the USA?

No. State was busy celebrating “Intersex Awareness Day.”

Speaking of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s visit …

You know how Joe Biden got heat for spending last weekend at the beach while the fate of American hostages — to say nothing of peace in the Middle East — lay in the balance? Apparently in response to that criticism, what does the White House do? Take it out on the B-52s … and I don’t mean the military aircraft. They cancelled a performance by the famed pop band scheduled for Wednesday night’s State Dinner for Prime Minister Albanese.

First Lady Jill Biden told reporters, “While we had initially planned for the legendary B-52s to perform their iconic dance and party music, we are now in a time when so many are facing sorrow and pain, and we have decided to make adjustments to the entertainment portion of the evening.”

Ludicrous People in Serious Times, Part Two: Rep. Jamaal Bowman Pleads Guilty Over Fire Alarm Stunt

Rep. Jamaal Bowman has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge for pulling a Capitol Hill fire alarm during a crucial House vote, in an apparent effort to delay the vote.

Bowman copped a sweet plea deal (of course). Bowman skates with a $1000 and a promise to write an apology to the U.S. Capitol Police Chief. Interfering with the business of Congress by doing something as potentially dangerous as pulling a fire alarm certainly seems more serious than a granny waltzing in through an open door on J6 and taking some selfies. But here we are. In politics, the D by your name is like an invisibility cloak to a wizard. Wrap it around you and your legal problems just seem to vanish.

Still, trying to sell the idea Bowman pulled the alarm thinking it would open a door should be worth at least five years hard time simply for thinking people are that stupid. A video of the incident was released Thursday, and shows Bowman coolly removing warning signs before pulling the alarm.

Ludicrous People in Serious Times, Part Three: Third GOP Debate on NBC, Moderators No Friend of Republicans

If you didn’t want to have a substantive debate among the Republican candidates on issues Republicans and Independents cared about, whom would you pick to host that debate? Somewhere hostile to Republicans? A liberal news network? And whom would you allow to moderate? How about shills for the Democratic Party, including one who already has a record of interfering with the election during a crucial debate?

Well, thanks to the RNC, the third GOP debate November 8 will be on NBC and feature liberal anchor Lester Holt and Kristen Welker, along with conservative talk host Hugh Hewitt. During a 2020 presidential debate, Welker famously blocked Trump from discussing Hunter Biden’s laptop … in other words, the evidence that Joe Biden was intimately engaged in business dealings with the Communist Chinese.

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Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream, co-author, with John Zmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and co-author of the counter-terrorism memoir Hostile Intent: Protecting Yourself Against Terrorism.

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