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Praise God! Christian Nurse and Daughter Freed by Kidnappers in Haiti

A glorious update to a story we reported on at the end of July. American nurse and missionary Alix Dorsainvil and her daughter have been freed nearly two weeks after being kidnapped in Haiti. Her husband’s ministry, El Roi Haiti, shared the news Wednesday:

It is with a heart of gratitude and immense joy that we at El Roi Haiti confirm the safe release of our staff member and friend, Alix Dorsainvil and her child who were held hostage in Port au Prince, Haiti. Today we are praising God for answered prayer!

We are so thankful for everyone who joined us in prayer and supported us during this crisis.

Multi-Faith Group of Parents Sues Board of Education Over Gender Indoctrination

A group of Muslim, Catholic and Ethiopian Orthodox parents were in U.S. Federal Court in Maryland Wednesday arguing for the right to opt out of Montgomery County’s forced indoctrination and sexualization of their children. Said the parents, “Instead of focusing on basic principles of respect and kindness, the books champion controversial ideologies around gender and sex and focus on children’s romantic feelings.”

What’s more, Montgomery County’s Board of Education eliminated the ability of parents to opt out. So transgender ideology and the discussion of sexuality is pushed into students starting in kindergarten, whether the parents like it or not, regardless of how it violates the child’s religious beliefs. Indeed, regardless of how destructive it is to the parent-child bond to teach little children things like, “Your parents guessed what sex you are when you were born and they may have been wrong.”

Parents filed suit in May to regain notification rights and the ability to opt out of books like Pride Puppy and Uncle Bobby’s Wedding.

Ryan Colby of Becket Law, which is representing the parents in Mahmoud v. McKnight, explained the case at a rally before oral arguments.

“These religious parents believe the storybooks are age-inappropriate, spiritually and emotionally damaging for kids and inconsistent with their faith. The lawsuit seeks to restore their ability to help their own children on such complex and sensitive issues.”

The 20 new “inclusivity” books pushed on the kids have nothing to do with civility and kindness. “For example,” says Becket Law:

One book tasks three- and four-year-olds to search for images from a word list that includes “intersex flag,” “[drag] queen,” “underwear,” “leather,” and the name of a celebrated LGBTQ activist and sex worker. Another encourages fifth graders to discuss what it means to be “non-binary.” Other books advocate a child-knows-best approach to gender transitioning, telling students that a decision to transition doesn’t have to “make sense” and that doctors only “guess” when identifying a newborn’s sex anyway.

If you missed it, I write more about what I saw at the rally here.

Jordan: FBI Director Wray Lied Under Oath. Three FBI Field Offices Were Targeting Traditional Catholics

It ain’t just schools that are at war with people of faith. Evidence has emerged that the FBI’s targeting of traditional Catholics was more widespread than believed. No, wait. More widespread than FBI director Christopher Wray indicated under oath.

Rep. Jim Jordan released a document that he says proves the FBI’s Richmond field office worked with several other FBI offices to target traditional Catholics. On July 12, Wray testified under oath that the activity was limited to FBI Richmond. However, says Jordan, “both the FBI Portland and FBI Los Angeles field offices were involved in or contributed to the creation of FBI’s assessment of traditional Catholics as potential domestic terrorists.”

You can get more details here from The Stream’s friends at the Daily Signal.

While we’re hanging at the Hoover Building …

Our Bananas Republic Moment: FBI Agent Who Hunted Trump for Russia Collusion Set to Plead Guilty of Colluding With Russians

FBI Agent Charles McGonigal was a major figure in the FBI’s shame and sham of an investigation into the Trump-Russia collusion hoax. In further evidence we are living in surreal times, or a poorly written political drama/soap opera, McConigal is now set to plead guilty to charges he illegally worked for a Russian oligarch. McConigal was indicted in January for money laundering and violating U.S. sanctions on behalf of Oleg Deripaska. In 2018, Trump had put sanctions on the oligarch due to his ties to Vladimir Putin. McConigal was paid to try and get Deripaska off the list.

As former head of the New York counter-terrorism office, McConigal is one of the highest ranking agents ever criminally charged.

Along The Stream

The Stream‘s Tom Gilson has a fascinating response to atheist Ed Krassenstein’s four questions in “No You Can’t Explain Away Jesus So Easily.”

John Zmirak re-imagines a real Fox News story … but changes the names in “What if The Trumps Acted Like the Bidens.”

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