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We hope you enjoyed your Labor Day Weekend. 

While normal folks were enjoying the pool, the burgers, the sales, or working to make the weekend enjoyable for the rest of us, the transgender ideologues did not stop their war on reality. 

Google Goes Full Mental on Men’s Menstruation

Who knew that God, the Bible and all of human history across the globe had it wrong and Google has it right. Search Google for “can men menstruate” and you get the astounding news that “Having a period is not a feminine thing, and people of all genders menstruate.” 

If menstruation isn’t a feminine thing, nothing is a feminine thing. And the notion of feminine, the reality of “female” means nothing. But maybe that’s their point. 

Google brain-trust has had a psychotic break. Further evidence? Check out Dr. Michael Brown’s new article on what happens when you search google for “White Couple” and “Straight White Couple.” “Four Years Later, Google’s Bias is as Blatant as Ever.”

The Drag Queen Story Moment

Sure, coal workers are being royally hosed by the Green Energy cultists, but at least they get to enjoy men pretending to be women! 

For a year, Associated Press photographer Carolyn Kaster tracked the performances of the Daniels drag family as they hit small communities in the hard hit region. “They want to show everyone that this is here,” she told CNN. “This is happening … you don’t have to leave your family and your roots to do drag performance.”

An Oklahoma School Hires a Drag Queen Once Arrested for Child Porn to Be Elementary Principal

Hello, home schooling. The Western Heights Public School District in heartland Oklahoma is defending its decision to hire a drag queen once arrested for child porn to be the principal of John Glenn Elementary. If that doesn’t send you into orbit … (Just love astronaut humor in the morning.)

The district insists it followed “usual hiring practices,” including a criminal background check. Murnan’s 2001 bust for child porn was dismissed when Murnan’s lawyers argued the then-fifth grade teacher had deleted the images, therefore the state couldn’t prove they had been in his possession and there was no proof the children pictured were underage. Still, Murnan resigned. 

Over the next 20 years, Murnan rebuilt his academic career to the point he’s now landed this new gig overseeing a school filled with little children. There’s asking for trouble … and then there’s hiring trouble and giving it and office and nameplate.  

Guess who else has a new school gig?  That Canadian teacher who dons the huge prosthetic breasts. But the story comes with a big twist.

Canadian Teacher Who Came to Class Dressed in Drag with Enormous Fake Breasts Shows Up for New Job … Again Presenting as a Man

Teacher Kayla Lemieux, who gained infamy by showing up in shop class dressed in wig and massive prosthetic breasts, started his new gig at Nora Frances Henderson Middle School last week. But here’s the kicker. Lemieux is back “presenting” as a male. Scruffy beard and all. 

This gives weight to the long-held theory that this was all a stunt. Shortly after Lemieux started showing up in class with his garish garb, a report popped on the web that insisted Lemieux had donned the get up to protest nearly being fired over his “toxic masculinity.” A mocking of the Woke. The post claimed Lemieux would “red-pill” his class and “say how silly gender neutral bathrooms are.” 

So we’re left with the question: A confused individual who should be nowhere near kids … or one of the great trollers of our time who should be lauded for dramatically demonstrating the absurdity of the woke enablers of the trans cultists? 

Meanwhile, further nutty doings by our northern neighbor. 

Canada Puts Biological Male on National Women’s Cricket Team

The war on women’s sports spills across the border. Canada has placed a biological male on its international women’s cricket team for next year’s T20 World Cup in Bangladesh. 

According to National Pulse, the Aussie-born Danielle McGahey began transitioning at age 27, and was allowed to join the team after his testosterone levels were consistently less than 5nmolL1 per liter for one year straight. That and a written declaration is all the International Cricket Council needs to let males compete against women. 

The Women’s Rights Group (WRG) is aghast. Spokeswoman Jane Sullivan told BBC Sport,

There are currently 17 peer-reviewed studies that show we cannot mitigate against male puberty when it comes to sporting performance. On average, men — however they identify — have bigger muscle mass, larger skeletons, bigger lung capacity, more fast-twitch muscles. It’s been proven that even 14-year-old boys can be faster and stronger than world-class female athletes. Any cricket team that has an individual who has been through male puberty already has an unfair advantage over an all-female side.

Canada’s Women’s Cricket Team is Fielding a Dude.

On Monday, McGahey became the first transgender athlete to compete in an international cricket match. 

Oregon Store Selling Genital-Shaped Plushies for Kids

In Salem, Oregon there’s a shop that sells clothing for babies and children. It also sells genital-shaped plushies for kids. Again. Not some adult store you find along I-40. A children’s store. Turns out the owner off The Freckled Bee also peddles anti-American, anti-Christian swag … when she’s not producing porn on her Only Fans account. Yes, we need to pray for this owner, that the Lord grabs her as He has so many who create and sell decadence and their own bodies.

But the question right now is, who would buy genital-shaped plush items for little kids? What is the purpose of having a child walk around clutching a stuffed phallus? What are we creating?  

Mexican Parents Burn Textbooks Pushing Gender Ideology

In the Mexican states of Aguascalientes and Chiapas, around 1200 Christian parents gathered to oppose new textbooks introduced by the Ministry of Public Education. They say the textbooks are rife with sexual and gender ideological content. In protest, they set the textbooks ablaze. “At the elementary school in Chiapas,” Mexico News Daily reported, “parents in the community piled up boxes of the new textbooks, doused them with fuel and set them afire.”

Mexico’s Leftist president Lopez Obrador denies the books have a problem with sexual and gender indoctrination. After all, he says, “They have been prepared by teachers and experts.” 

Along The Stream

Our “Shakespeare by The Stream” summer series ends with a journey into The Tempest. “Send Prospero Back to the Island.”


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