Happy Black Friday!

We hope you had a blessed and festive Thanksgiving.

Of course, today is Black Friday. So named because you end up black and blue from wrestling your way through the crowds at stores and shops. Or at least that’s the way it was before Black Friday … like Election Day … got spread over an entire month.

The Washington Examiner reports how retailers have been working with local law enforcement to come up with a game plan to thwart the 100% discounts that have been plaguing the retail industry the past year or so. On the plus side, the National Retail Federation expects 72% (or 130.7 million of us) to shop Black Friday. That’s up from 69% last year.

The Man With the Bag … and DEI Baggage

Santa did make his annual appearance at the end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade yesterday, thus kicking off the unofficial start of the Christmas season. Though the DEI thought police would probably have our neck for insinuating we need an old white guy to tell us what season it is.

On the other hand, the Green New Deal people are happy to note that Santa manages to traverse the planet in one night without a drop of fossil fuel.

Target, as you may have heard is selling black Santas in wheelchairs. Funny, if you Google “Target black Santa wheelchair,” all they dump on you is articles condemning conservatives – particularly Fox News — for being irate about Target’s woke, gender-madness pushing agenda.

But I have a question for all those liberal publications: Who is likely to purchase the wheelchair-bound black Santas? Someone on Santa’s nice list … or someone who thinks it’d make an hysterical gag gift?

Naughty List

Who else joined Santa’s naughty list if you haven’t paid attention to the news the past couple days?

Pro-Palestinian and Climate Protesters Try Shutting Down Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

20 Pro-Palestinian and climate protesters were arrested Thursday for trying to disrupt the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. The group “Seven Circles” specifically targeted the Sinclair Oil Corporation float. They glued their hands to Sixth Avenue (as if there wasn’t enough goop on the NYC streets to affix one permanently to the pavement), shouting “Liberation for Palestine and Planet,” “Stop Oil” and the usual noise. They were greeted by loud boos.

Kudos to NYPD for arresting the protesters … and resisting the temptation to let them be trampled by thousands of thousands of marching musicians.

MSNBC Talking Head (and Former U.S. Senator) Claire McCaskill Declared Donald Trump “More Dangerous” Than Hitler or Mussolini.

The memo is out to demonize former President Trump to the point of hysteria. Right on top of Rep. Dan Goldman going full-on Gotti declaring Trump should be “eliminated,” former Sen. Claire McCaskill also went on MSNBC to declare Trump “more dangerous” than Hitler or Mussolini.

Shades of those “Wanted for Treason” posters that showed up in Dallas before JFK’s trip there 60 years ago.

But you know what? It’s the day after Thanksgiving. We can be alarmed or we can note just how silly McCaskill is being. Of course Trump is “more dangerous” than Hitler. So is a five-year-old, since Hitler’s been dead since 1945.

DC Spends $270,000 to Repaint Black Lives Matter Street Mural

Washington, DC is turning into such a dangerous hellhole even Abe Lincoln is up and leaving his Memorial for the Maryland suburbs. But despite skyrocketing crime and collapsing social services, the D.C. government is spending $270,000 to repaint the massive Black Lives Matter that covers 16th Street near the White House.

Judicial Watch got the financial documents out of the city under a FOIA request.

The city continued to repaint the “Black Lives Matter” rather than cover it over, despite BLM offering its full-throated support for Hamas and its terror attack against innocent Israeli civilians.

Speaking of which …

Actresses Susan Sarandon Dumped by Agency, Scream Star Booted from Next Flick After Anti-Jewish Rants

Academy Award-winning actress Susan Sarandon has long been a strident leftist. But her anti-Semitic rant at a pro-Palestinian rally just got her canned by her talent agency, UTA. Sarandon mocked Jews rightfully fearful of attacks, given the mobs screaming “gas the Jews” and massive spike in isolated assaults and incidents since the October 7 terrorist attack. Snarked Sarandon, the Jews are “getting a taste of how it feels to be a Muslim in America.”

Pro-Hamas comment have also cost actress Melissa Barrera. She was fired from the upcoming Scream 7 due to rhetoric that “flagrantly crosses the line into hate speech.” In Instagram posts, Barrera accused Israel of “genocide and ethnic cleansing” and “distorting the Holocaust to boost the Israeli arms industry.” Barrera had been set to star in Scream 7 after being featured in the past two movies in the series. But she’s been booted to the curb.

Oh, Let This Be True!: Jewish Lawyer Applies to Trademark “From the River to the Sea … “

If true, this is one boss move. A Jewish lawyer from New Jersey has applied to trademark the anti-Semitic, genocidal slogan “From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will Be Free.” If he is granted the trademark, he could sue anyone who uses the expression on merchandise or in marketing.

Pray It Goes Well: Israel-Hamas Hostage/Prisoner Exchange Scheduled to Begin Today, Along With 4-Day Cease-Fire

God willing, by the time you read this, the process of freeing 50 women and children held captive by Hamas will be underway. Israel agreed to a four-day cease-fire to facilitate the release of 50 women and children held captive by the Hamas terrorists in exchange for 150 Palestinian prisoners. The exchange is scheduled to begin Friday after being delayed one day.

The cease-fire was negotiated by the U.S., Egypt and Qatar.

“These will be complex days, nothing is final until it actually happens. And even amid the process, there may be changes at any moment,” IDF spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari said Thursday. “It is important to note that Hamas is a ruthless enemy. Difficult days are ahead of us, joy mixed with sadness.”

Hagari predicts “Hamas will try to use the days of the deal and the pause in fighting to spread fear, disinformation and psychological terror.”

We keep the hostages and their families in our prayers and war against spirits of fear, terror and manipulation.

“He will cover you with his pinions, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness is a shield and buckler. You will not fear the terror of the night, nor the arrow that flies by day.” Psalm 91:4-5

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