Texas is cutting ties with the American Library Association over its taxpayer-funded indoctrination against “dangerous Marxism and socialism,” says state Rep. Brian Harrison, R-Texas.

“Taxpayer-funded indoctrination has absolutely no place in the great state of Texas. In fact, we should be leading the fight against taxpayer-funded indoctrination, against dangerous Marxism and socialism, and we sure as hell should not be subsidizing it and forcing my hard working constituents to have to fund it with their tax dollars,” Harrison said Thursday during an appearance on Newsmax‘s “Chris Salcedo Show.”

Public libraries have been threatened by community members and politicians with a loss of funding for their refusal to remove books, including some LGBTQ-themed publications they deem inappropriate for children.

Montana in July withdrew its membership from the ALA due to concerns about its president, self-proclaimed Marxist lesbian Emily Drabinski.

Harrison said his state followed suit.

“I am pleased to announce that sure I applied pressure to the Texas Library Commission. We in the state of Texas are cutting ties with that organization,” he said.

Harrison also said his office is in the process of formally sending a “call to action” to “every Republican governor in the United States of America” to also cut ties with the ALA.

“Every governor and every Republican state should do the right thing by their taxpayers and stop forcing their hard-working taxpayers to fund the indoctrination of their children by having their tax dollars weaponized against them, against their values and against the next generation by formally cutting ties with this socialist and Marxist-led taxpayer funded organization,” he said.


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