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Survey reveals decline in biblical worldview
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July 2020 – The new Cultural Research Center (CRC) at Arizona Christian University, under the leadership of veteran researcher George Barna, recently released the first of what will be an annual report. The survey, American Worldview Inventory (AWVI) 2020, estimates how many adults hold to a biblical worldview.

The new findings are disheartening. According to AWVI, “Only 6% of U.S. adults have a biblical worldview – that is, a way of thinking and behaving that is predominantly driven by the acceptance of biblical truths, precepts, and commands.” Only 51% have a traditional view of God, as opposed to 73% in 1991.

Among other findings, the survey reported that 44% of people who profess belief in Jesus also believe He sinned, and 52% believe the Holy Spirit is only a symbol of God, not a living entity. And 56% of adults believe in Satan as an influential spiritual being, which, in comparison, is more than the 51% who believe in the existence of God.

Barna concluded: “Tens of millions of Americans consider themselves to be Christian but do not believe that God is really in control or cares what happens to them.”, 4/21/20;, 4/27/20