President Joe Biden is doing everything in his power to increase his approval rating and capture votes.

He’s working hard to prevent former First Lady Michelle Obama from taking his place in May, as suggested by Cindy Adams of the New York Post a few days ago. How embarrassing for him.

But he is an embarrassment. A day rarely passes where he doesn’t give us another example of this.

The truth is, not even Superman could save him. Dean Cain is hardly in the frame of mind to try. The actor who played Superman in the popular series from 1993 to 1997 isn’t a fan of the president. A devoted Christian, father and family man, Cain couldn’t hold back on X in response to Biden’s groveling to gain momentum with pro-abortion voters prior to the 2024 election.

Biden’s pathetic attempt went like this: “Give me a Democratic House of Representatives and a bigger Democratic Senate, and we will pass a new law to restore and protect Roe v. Wade. I will sign it immediately.”

Roe v. Wade helped the party shoe Biden into the White House in 2020. He is hoping to use it again to the party’s benefit. It is pathetic how little Biden actually knows about how government works, except in the way that allows him to fleece Americans.

Dean Cain clapped back, “You can’t “restore” Roe, you idiot. The Supreme Court tossed it. They are a coequal branch of government. You CAN try to pass a Federal Law… but I’m sure it would be different from what the original Roe decision established.”

Obviously Biden should know this, or maybe he does but he’s betting on voters not to know. I’m certain plenty don’t. If every American knew history like Vivek Ramaswamy does, I suspect we wouldn’t be in the pickle we are in.

But Dean Cain does, and his response is accurate. Superman is right once again, coming to the aid of truth, knowledge and Americans.

Facts are most certainly Biden’s Kryptonite. You wouldn’t think the president would need a lesson on how the government functions, but here we are.

JD Rucker, editor of NOQ Report and Discern Report, responded to Biden’s idiocy by stating on X, “Democrats always try to play to the lowest intelligence voters who don’t know the constitution and cannot distinguish between truth and lies.”

Replying to Cain’s response on X, one comment suggested that Biden’s words were misinterpreted by Cain. He clarified the intention behind what Biden was actually saying. “It’s pretty clear he means “restore the legal protections Roe v Wade provided” not sure why anyone would think he means “have scotus restore roe decisions” especially when he provides context around passing legislation.”

Whether being given too much credit or actually meaning to restore the legal protections around Roe v. Wade as noted, you can’t see this as anything but a desperate attempt to win over voters. His job approval rating hovers around 40 percent according to RealClearPolitics polling. And he is certainly getting a ton of bad press, including most recently from his scuttle with Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, of Texas. Any respect left for Biden from voters, constituents and even his own party is diminishing by the minute.

With rumors of former First Lady Michelle Obama and husband Barack nipping at his heels, and Trump all but clinching the Republican presidential primary nomination, Biden needs to do something dramatic. Why not use this hot issue to his advantage?

He knows that Superman isn’t coming to his rescue. And by the looks of it, the Democratic Party won’t be doing so either. Of course, according to Cindy Adams, we won’t know this for sure until May. The buzz is certainly raging.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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