How do you respond when people say ‘Isn’t faith alone enough’?

Mary Jo Sharp explains that there are two assumptions people make when they say that they don’t need any evidence for their faith. The first assumption is that faith doesn’t involve reasoning, despite the words of Peter and the actions ...
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Isn’t faith blind?

In talking about beliefs, many Christians may say something like “I just have faith”. This only seems to cut short exploration about who God is and whether or not our faith is put in something worthy. Sean McDowell provides some ...
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How can we better understand the Bible?

In this video, Glenn Paauw discusses the importance of reading and processing the Bible in community. source ...
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Why is Islam growing so rapidly?

In this video, Alan Shlemon of Stand to Reason discusses the reasons for the growth of Islam in recent times. source ...
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What are the consequences of silencing our grief?

Esther Fleece discusses the false worldviews that pop up when grief is silenced and misunderstood. source ...
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How do the five pillars of Islam contribute to their understanding of salvation?

How do the five pillars of Islam contribute to their understanding of salvation? [vid_desc [author] [publish_date] Video Source ...
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Developing heathy habits around personal Bible study

Glenn Paauw discusses the importance of reading and understanding the Bible broadly before we study it. source ...
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How can generational disagreements be addressed?

In this video, Jason Jimenez discusses the importance of listening across generations within the church to effectively accomplish the church's mission. source ...
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How can we engage college students about important ideas?

Frank Turek discusses the importance of raising the big questions on college campuses. source ...
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How has social media impacted Gen Z’s identity?

Mike Sherrard discusses how social media changed the way younger generations view identity. source ...
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What role do emotions play in apologetics?

Alan Shlemon highlights the importance of understanding emotions when discussing Christianity with others. source ...
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Did Jesus claim to be God?

Detective J. Warner Wallace discusses aspects of Jesus’ life which clearly show that Jesus understood himself to be divine. source ...
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