Stonestreet: Have We Lost the Culture? Why Christians Should Continue to Care

What is culture? For many Christians, “culture” simply means “all the bad stuff that happens in the world,” but according to John Stonestreet, it’s far more than that. The problem is not with culture, for culture is neither good nor bad; the problem is our understanding of it.

From a working definition of culture as “what humans make of the world,” Stonestreet addresses the way we ought to participate in culture. After all, he says, one of the things God created us to do is to make culture. By asking the right questions, we can come to a right understanding of culture, and from there, we can rightly see our place in it as Christians, for we were placed in this world in this time and place for a reason, not merely to be saved as a means of escape.

God redeemed us so that we might do what we were created to do, Stonestreet says. We were created to live and work in the world and make it what God wants it to be.

This is the third of John Stonestreet’s lectures delivered at the 2019 Illinois Family Institute Worldview Conference. You can find the link to it here, and the previous lectures here.