The state of Maryland tested almost 2,000 students at over a dozen high schools in Baltimore and found that zero students are proficient in math. ZERO.

While woke teachers are focusing a ton of energy teaching kids about gender ideology, equity, and critical race theory, they are failing American students on the most basic skills.

How do these teachers still have jobs?

RedState reports:

‘Educational Homicide’: Zero Students Test Proficient in Math at 40 Percent of Baltimore High Schools

In this episode of “The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations“…

Let’s begin with a question: When will Democrats wake up and realize that by lowering scholastic expectations, they hurting the very students they profess to want to help? Other than never, I mean.

The most recent example comes from Baltimore City Schools and students’ complete lack of math proficiency.

The latest round of state test results is raising alarm in Baltimore City Schools. Project Baltimore found that 40% of Baltimore City high schools, where the state exam was given, did not have any students score proficient in math. Not one student…

Seriously, that’s damn impressive — for all the wrong reasons.

Thirteen Baltimore City high schools. Nearly 2,000 students tested. Not one student tested proficient in math skills. Zero. I mean, how is that even possible?

People should be fired over this.

This is not about funding. This is about teachers not doing their jobs. Parents in this community should be outraged.

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