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In an eye-opening episode of the Patrick Bet-David Podcast, a diverse panel including comedian Dave Smith, finance expert Adam Sosnick, advocate Ricky Aguilar, and financial coach Matt Sapaula recently delved into a medley of pressing political and economic issues.

Dave Smith, in the discussion, presented a compelling viewpoint. He argued that the growing cultural divide in America is not a random occurrence but rather the result of a deliberate social engineering effort.

Smith shed light on a noticeable yet often overlooked trend. Combining his skills as an experienced comedian with the sharpness of a political commentator, he pointed out a significant increase in the usage of controversial terms like “racism,” “social justice,” and “transgenderism” in major media outlets starting from 2012. This observation was supported by various content analysis studies, suggesting a strategic emphasis on these issues in public discourse.

“There are these nexus charts where you can map out words in major publications… Go track how many times the word “racism” was mentioned. And around 2012, it shoots up. Social justice shoots up. Transgenderism shoots up. This was forced on the American people.

Why are we having these conversations now? The people did not wake up one day and decide they want to have a national conversation about chicks with d*cks. That didn’t happen, this wasn’t an organic movement. It was all of the most powerful people deciding this is what we’re going to talk about.”

The purpose behind propelling such topics to the foreground of the national conversation, according to Smith, is a classic diversion tactic employed by policymakers.

“Because when you’re failing on policy, you pivot to a culture war. You put people against each other so they’re fighting each other.

We had in this country, an “Occupy Wall Street” movement where leftists were standing outside of big banks screaming, “We are the 99%.”

Right-wingers had a populist movement called the “Tea Party” where they were outraged about the bailouts of big banks, unsustainable debt, and government spending.

They don’t like that. That’s not what the powers that be like. You’re getting too close.”

Smith suggested that those in power favor public engagement in culture wars over critical examination of monetary or foreign policies, which have broader implications.

He stated that the public’s attention on transgender restrooms and abortion rights gives those in power a sense of relief.

This approach, he posited, serves as a diversionary tactic to shift attention away from crucial policy failures.

“Look, they like you fighting about issues like abortion. I’m not saying abortion isn’t a very important issue, it’s a very important issue. But us fighting about that issue doesn’t scare anyone at the Federal Reserve. It doesn’t care anyone at the CIA. They don’t care if you fight about that issue.

They love you fighting over transgender bathrooms. And you can see this every day. They’re stoking this culture war because they have to to distract from the fact that they’ve completely failed on everything else.”

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