Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., called for the removal of David Weiss, the U.S. attorney for Delaware, as special counsel investigating Hunter Biden, after a report that Weiss did not plan to charge President Joe Biden’s son until IRS whistleblowers came forward about his case that involved tax evasion and gun charges.

Weiss was going to end the investigation without charging Hunter Biden before two IRS investigators testified before the House Ways and Means and Oversight committees accusing the Department of Justice of interfering in the case, The New York Times reported Tuesday, citing private correspondence between Weiss and Hunter Biden’s legal team.

“An independent special counsel is needed in this case,” Graham, ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, posted on X, with a link to the Times story. “It is abundantly clear Mr. Weiss needs to be removed from the investigation of Hunter Biden. To say this has been botched is an understatement.”

Weiss was first appointed in 2018 to investigate allegations regarding Hunter Biden’s foreign business deals, particularly when Joe Biden was vice president during the Obama administration. Four years later, Weiss found evidence of wrongdoing but concluded he did not have enough for an indictment, sources told the Times.

“I have been calling for a new set of eyes on this case for quite a while,” Graham wrote. “A huge cloud hangs over the Weiss investigative team and it will only go away when a new independent special counsel is appointed.”

Michael Katz

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