Damnit, I thought Texas was the one place we were safe from this indoctrination.

Since when is sexual orientation considered part of the curriculum? I have to sign a permission slip so my daughter can go across the freaking street TO A PARK. Yet, sexually-infused events are just nonchalantly permitted by school staff members. Cool. Not blood-boiling at all.

The Austin Pride Parade is known to contain suggestive and controversial imagery, to which the Austin Independent School District has encouraged students (young children) to attend.

Don’t worry, kids, you won’t know anything about taxes, but thank goodness you’ll have sexually explicit imagery burned in your brains for the rest of your lives.

According to Fox News:

The official Austin Pride website promoted the theme of this year’s parade as “KEEP AUSTIN QUEER’D!” and proclaimed it is in defiance of those who are concerned about LGBTQ ideology’s impacts on children across the country.

-Alexander Hall, Fox News

Perhaps they’re looking at the wrong end of the problem here…

I can’t remember the last time someone approached me in a banana hammock and I was able to take them seriously.

I believe I can speak for all of us regarding the fact that children should not be exposed to, or explore, sexual preferences until much later in life. Oh, and by their parents having an informative talk with them when they deem it is appropriate to do so.

Society, social media, and peers are naturally going to shake the grounds of innocence for young children as it is. How about we not force it upon them before they’re even developmentally prepared to discern it, mmmkay?

“From attacks on our Drag community to the fight for trans rights… sometimes it feels that our community is getting pushed from all sides.  When that happens, WE STAND OUR GROUND! And no matter what, one thing is for certain.  We will KEEP AUSTIN QUEER’D!” the website wrote. 

It went on to declare, “Come decked out in your most fabulous pride attire.  No holding back, we are taking to the streets to show who we are, and that we are strong together. Let Your Pride Flags Fly!”

-Alexander Hall, Fox News

You can stand your ground with consenting, developed adults. Obviously take the word “developed” with a grain of salt.

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