More and more students are being homeschooled. Why is this? It is because of the indoctrination going on in our, so called, public schools today. Why are so many of our students turning out to be soldiers for the government and involved in riots and causing other damage to our society. It is because of the school system. They are taught that our country is evil and that it needs to be torn down.

Much like Hitler did in Germany students in the United States are becoming soldiers of this progressive movement to move the country toward Marxism. Find out why school choice is such a hot topic today. Parents, more than any time before, want to choose where their kids go to school. Unfortunately, it is only the rich, who can send their kids to the school of their choice. The lower income parents don’t have this choice. They can’t afford to pay taxes used for public school and also pay for educating their children in a private or non-public charter school. Watch this video on school choice and why this is becoming a hot topic embraced by many people on the right.