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Guest post by Lucian Wintrich

America’s oldest Catholic institution, Georgetown University, was forced to host leaders of the Satanic Temple. Donors, alumni, and students were outraged but certain university leadership fought against this misuse of funds. Once there, the leaders of the ‘Satanic Temple’ chastised students about their Catholic beliefs, capitalism, and even an appreciation for America and Western culture as a whole. Georgetown’s devout Catholic donors unknowingly paid for an anti-religious hate group to speak at their university. The Satanic Temple’s main documented goal is to dismantle religion and community, specifically targeting Christians.

What is happening in this country? How is this allowed? Why were alumni forced to fund this?

The event sparked widespread controversy across campus, with students, faculty, and alumni condemning this blatant mockery of religious values. An open letter, signed by 180 members of the Georgetown community, highlighted the deep-seated hypocrisy in using donor and alumni funds without consent, meant to uphold the university’s religious values, to provide a platform for a group known for its religious hostility.

“It disappoints and saddens me,” said one student, “to have seen Georgetown University so enthusiastic about hosting […] the Satanic Temple, a group that not only diametrically opposes [sic] their religion but also their standing as a religious institution as a whole. […] Many students, including myself, were disappointed to see religion weaponized in such a way.”

On the day of the event, The Knights of Columbus and disheartened students gathered outside in prayer, standing as a testament to the university’s betrayal of its core values. Several attendees of the event reported blatant displays of anti-Christian bigotry, with most of the time spent desecrating sacred rites rather than engaging in religious discourse.

“Having an event with Satanists is a new low, even for Georgetown,” another student said in a statement, “considering how the university has blocked […] other speakers for inconsistency with Catholic/Jesuit values. The event […] featuring Satanists is saying out loud what many of us have known for years: Far-left activism is atheism. Far-left activism is Satanism; they’re proudly announcing it. In a sense, I could appreciate the honesty behind this, certainly more honest than most other things on campus.”

This is the current state of America: while conservative voices continue to be silenced, left-wing hate groups are embraced with open arms. This blatant double standard, if left unchecked, threatens the very foundation of our country. By allowing these universities to indoctrinate students with radical and divisive ideas, we’re witnessing the fall of American education as a whole. What could have been a night filled with meaningful discussions on religious values was instead reduced to a shameful spectacle of hate, all under the pretense of free speech. Georgetown University’s complicity in this event not only raises questions about its misuse of donor funds and adherence to its own religious roots, but also signifies a dangerous shift in academic institutions towards an anti-conservative bias.

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