Kamala Harris doubled down after Joe Biden’s blasphemous declaration of ‘Transgender Visibility Day’ on Easter Sunday.

“Devout Catholic” Joe Biden also banned any Christian-themed designs from being submitted to the White House’s Easter-themed art contest.

This is even though Easter is a Christian holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Kamala Harris on Sunday begrudgingly fired off a ‘happy Easter’ message – but it was a huge miss.

Of course, Harris didn’t mention Christians or Jesus Christ.

“On Easter Sunday, we are celebrating hope and faith in renewal,” Harris said on X. “Wishing everyone a happy Easter.”

Kamala Harris had more to say about the Regime’s blasphemous ‘Transgender Day of Visibility.’

She had a longer message to the trans community on Easter Sunday.

“On Transgender Day of Visibility, we celebrate transgender and nonbinary Americans. Their courage has given countless others strength, but no one should have to be brave just to be themselves,” Harris said on Easter Sunday.

“We see you. We stand with you. We won’t stop fighting for you,” she said.

Kamala Harris also attacked the unborn on Saturday.

Her Easter weekend message: Abortion on demand.

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