Salt and Light Team Information Resources

Below are some resources you can download that provide more information about what a Salt and Light Team is and who Nehemiah Reset is.

If you are interested in joining a Salt and Light Team download the registration form below, fill it out and then email it to indicating your interest. If you want to recruit people to a Salt and Light team, download our Nehemiah Reset SLT Flyer. You can pass this flyer out with the date, time and location of a Salt and Light meeting.

We have attached some additional Biblical Worldview Resources, e.g. a list of suggested websites and a list of suggest books to build your biblical worldview. If you want some additional Biblical Worldview Resources, we have included a number of them under our “Resources” menu on the Nehemiah Reset website. Just click on the Biblical Worldview tab and you will find a number of resources you can watch or send to other people.

The following list of items can be downloaded by clicking on the respective links. If you still have questions about what a Salt and Light team does, please email us at

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