New Hampshire Rep. Mike Belcher is urging all states to push an anti-Communism education bill.

Rep. Mike Belcher, a New Hampshire state representative and self-described “anti-communist revolutionary” announced his Anti-Communism Education Act following the Biden regime’s unAmerican show trial and felony verdicts against President Trump.

Rep. Mike Belcher will introduce the legislation in New Hampshire. He is asking fellow Republicans to use his legislation as a model in their states.

Belcher also made it known that he is not suicidal in case something bad happens to him.

Rep. Belcher originally introduced the legislation in January. Now he is urging Republicans to push similar legislation in their states.

At one time this legislation would have had the approval of all Americans. Not today. Look how far the Marxists have come!

Mike posted this tweet on Thursday following the Trump show trial in New York City.

Here is the text of his anti-Communism legislation.

Anti-Communism Education Act (ACE Act)
This act shall be known as the “Anti-Communism Education Act.”


The legislature finds that a comprehensive education on the true history of the praxis and worldview of Communism, the way it evolved, how it hides itself as other ideologies, or as non-ideological, by manipulating language and definitions, how to recognize and identify Communism, why it represents an unmitigated and irredeemable evil in direct conflict with all values outlined in the NH and US Constitutions, and how to effectively combat Communism politically is a critical need for New Hampshire citizens.

This mandate falls wholly within the context of an adequate education, is consistent with Constitutional requirements on education as “being essential to the preservation of a free government,” “the duty of legislators to cherish the interests of literature and the sciences, and all seminaries and public schools, to encourage public and private institutions… and the countenance and inculcate the principles of humanity and general benevolence, public and private charity, industry and economy, honesty and punctuality, sincerity, sobriety, and all social affections, and generous sentiments, among the people.” Communism touches and perverts all of these values to the detriment of the liberties and happiness of the citizenry.

Over time this knowledge has nearly been lost to history, and a false narrative of our heritage has emerged to replace it in order to subjugate Americans under miseducation and misinformation. The battle against Communism does not merely represent a distant memory of our forefathers carrying rifles in faraway lands. The battle is here, today and every day, and must be won perpetually, as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, victim of Stalin and author of The Gulag Archipelago said, “the line separating good and evil… passes through every human heart” – every generation must make this a facet of their existence or succumb to this parasitic ideology.

Communism is not an economic theory, as misunderstanding and purposeful obfuscation has led many to believe, but an all-encompassing worldview and dangerous disposition towards destruction. This disposition is an ever-present facet of human nature. Perpetual ideological combat against the doctrines of Communism is the only way we may succeed in keeping this republic.

Rule-Making Authority Granted

DOE to adopt rules to ensure the development and/or acquisition, and delivery, of the following curriculum. Appropriations may be made from the education trust fund as necessary to develop and/or acquire curriculum, oversee and track delivery, and any other necessary task to ensure delivery to NH students. It is the expectation of the legislature that most of the individual prescribed requirements may be met in one to several days of instruction.

Middle School Mandatory Curriculum

Course of study on the connection between “Capitalism,” “Socialism” and “Communism” including the following:
· “Communism” and “Socialism” are all part of the same ideology and a person who is a “Communist” is also, necessarily, a “Socialist.” “Socialism” was Marx’s prophesied Stage 5 of “Scientific” History wherein the government must force people to be the same and equal until, according to the theory, it becomes human nature. Once it becomes human nature, and “Socialist Man” is achieved, Stage 6 of History, “Communism,” has been achieved. Communism cannot be achieved, though, because it is a cult prophesy that goes against nature.
· “Capitalism” is what Socialists called Stage 4 of History, which they wrongly believe will naturally undergo revolution into Socialism. “Capitalism” is a caricature of free market economics, but due to confusion was adopted widely by free-market champions as a synonym, though it is not.
· Study will review the theorized 6 stages of history as described by Marx with a particular emphasis on the “revolution” necessary between stages 4 and 5, and the use of violent coercive State force in stage 5, including historical precedents such as the Kulaks.

Course of study on the Book/Essay: Abuse of Language, Abuse of Power: Josef Pieper (omitting the Christian theological roughly second half of essay) including:

· Philosophy of communication vs. deception and creation of “pseudorealities” through misinformation – relate to book/move “The Matrix” as a metaphor for a “pseudoreality.” Specifically that false information conveyed not to inform the hearer, but to confuse or control them, is dangerous, and shifts the perspective of the hearer away from reality such that reality slowly becomes incomprehensible.

Course of study on the book Animal Farm, George Orwell, including:

On the nature of Communism and “equity” as forcing “sameness” through violence and threat,” on the tendency for people to experience normalcy bias ignoring warning signs of dangerous Communist political movements until it’s too late, and the use of censorship and terms such as “conspiracy theory” to delegitimize people and ideas that may be true and honest.

Course of study on the updated and corrected history of Soviet and FBI archives of Project Venona, including:

· The “Red Scare,” Venona documents, and Bella Dodd testimony that largely vindicated Senator McCarthy, and laid bare the broad scope of Communist infiltration of the US government and institutions, and the FDR administration. Further, that the history of “McCarthyism” as a “witch hunt” was a Communist-and-sympathizer driven disinformation operation aimed to discredit the Senator, and the anti-Communism movement broadly, and to stymie the attempt to root out Communists in powerful positions.

Course of study on selected readings from Gramci, including:

The Prison Notebooks on “war of position,” or institutional capture via counter-hegemony, and gradual institutional takeover of the “long march” to affect Communist revolution.

Course of study on the Chinese Cultural Revolution, including:

· Communist radicalized students rose up to demand revolution and attacked adults with state sanction, including family. The five reds and five black categories of “oppressor” or “oppressed” of the cultural revolution, the efforts to destroy all existing culture, and the millions killed by mobs, and social struggle sessions shall be included.

Course of study on the book Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism by Robert Jay Lifton, including:

· Selected readings from the book focusing on the tendency for the psychologically abused to blame themselves, the Communist application of the psychological abuse principle known as DARVO (Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender), and summary of the book in audio format by Dr. James Lindsay of New Discourses Podcast.

Course of study on the Institute for Social Research (Frankfurt School), including:

The advent of neo-Marxism as a retooled Communist ideology after Marx’s failed prophesy of proletariat uprisings.

· Herbert Marcuse, the concepts of “critical consciousness,” and “repressive tolerance,” the transition of pseudo-economic Marxism to identity-based Marxism, and the targeting of black Americans by the Communist International (ComIntern) and Frankfurt School to stoke racial hatred and black separatism – including Soviet plans for a separatist ethnonationalist black “Socialist republic” in southeast America to be overseen by Soviet apparatchiks.

Course of study on the historical transition from the “Science” of alchemy to modern scientific methodologies, including:

· That the principles of modern science as falsifiability, reproducibility, and testing of theorems run contrary to Alchemy as being primarily about a predetermined (prophesied) outcome, and making human understanding fit within that frame.
· Emphasis on the nature of Hermetic Alchemy and associated metaphysics, and efforts to corrupt modern science with alchemy (smuggling metaphysics as “science,” science is a too, not something you “believe in”).

High School Mandatory Curriculum

Freshman year course of study on defected Soviet KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov, including:
· The Soviet program of “demoralization,” the concept of rendering people without discernment and intellectual defenses, and the concept of Mass Formation Psychosis.
· Study should include interviews with Bezmenov, and brief history of the Soviet and ComIntern ideological subversion campaigns.

Freshman year course of study on the eugenics movement championed by early American Hegelians and New Age Alchemists including:

· The coerced or forcible sterilization and abortion of many based in New Age concepts of “soul quality,” and deficits of “quality souls” compared to reproductive rates.
· Welfare programs designed to break the family unit, and particularly the work of Cloward-Pliven strategies.
· Planned Parenthood founded as an anti-black eugenics organization by New Age eugenicist and racist Margaret Sanger, who believed blacks to be a lesser race unable to contribute towards achieving the Age of Aquarius.
· Overview of the false historical allegations that “Jews” are behind Marxism or Communism, that disposition towards Communist ideology is a human universal, as all people experience the oppression of nature and are therefore vulnerable, and that the Marxist cult beliefs parasitized sects of Judaism like it does all other belief systems.

Sophomore year course of study reviewing selected readings from the book The Critical Turn in Education: From Marxist Critique to Poststructuralist Feminism to Critical Theories of Race, by Isaac Gottesman, including:

· The infiltration of American colleges of education by radical Marxists in the 1960s onward, and the shift in training and curriculum towards Marxism.
· The influence and current prevalence of of Brazilian Marxist Paulo Friere, and his works including Pedagogy of the Oppressed, and Politics of Education within American colleges of education.

Junior year course of study on the publication Unrestricted Warfare, the Chinese Communist Party war doctrine against America, including:

· Selected readings identifying America as vulnerable to ideological subversion and political warfare paradigms.
· Selected readings, drawing from other resources where necessary, to identify the ruthlessness of the Chinese Communist Party’s war doctrine against America, including the desirability of training Chinese children to be willing to murder women and children, to commit genocide, and to dominate the whole globe – including the American heartland.

Junior year course of study on the German idealist philosopher Hegel, including:
· The “Hegelian dialectic,” from the alchemical origins of Hermeticism to the weaponized Problem-Reaction-Solution formulation of political warfare.
· The movement of “Young Hegelians” and “Old Hegelians,” which spread this Historicist ideology around the world, including to avowed “Hegelian” thinkers Karl Marx, Woodrow Wilson, John Dewey, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and so on.

Senior year course of study in on selected readings from the book Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin, by Timothy D. Snyder, including:

· The atrocities of the Soviets in their march through Eastern Europe.
· Study should incorporate audio/video resources including portions of historian Darryl Cooper’s MartyrMade podcast, episode 19: The Anti-Humans.
Senior year viewing of film Mr. Jones, 2019, a historical thriller documenting the history of the Holodomor forced famine of Ukrainian “Kulaks” by Stalin

Electives offered to all students at the high school level (to be offered at minimum in alternating years)
Political Warfare 101, a deeper study into the concepts of political warfare, including:
· “Active measures,” the entire political warfare practice of actively subverting the opposition, including disinformation, demoralization, counter-hegemony and counter-state operations, coopting persons and organizations, and compromising and turning enemy agents.
· “Reification,” the social science concept of bolstering a presupposition by adoption of the framework, usually done when attempting to argue against an item at face-value that was intended for the purpose of reifying some other concept.
· “Entryism,” or the Marxist political warfare tactic of infiltrating an organization or institution, and utilizing the internal control mechanisms (such as hiring and firing) to bring in more Marxists and expel anti-Communists.
· “Counter-hegemony,” the Marxist practice outlined by Gramci whereby organizations are infiltrated, and then overtaken by Marxists by becoming the most intractable and critical group within the organization, in order to capture the organization towards revolutionary ends.
· “Dialectical inversion,” or the Marxist practice of inverting concepts by changing the framing, usually by obfuscating between oppression imposed by man and that imposed by nature, and blaming their opposition for natural phenomena and oppression in order to cast them as the villain and demand more power or resources.
· “Good trouble” and “beautiful trouble,” as the political warfare concepts named by Marxists for direct action, protest, and other street-level operations and provocations.
· “Framing,” as the psychological practice of adopting the point of view of the “oppressed,” see also “critical consciousness.”
· “Mass lines,” as the Maoist political warfare doctrine of developing narratives and operational/information preparation of the environment such that seemingly random events are provoked at correct times and turned into mass social movements.
· “Metaphysics,” and “presuppositions,” as the beliefs people hold that precede logic – those items taken as true on their face – as the foremost location for attack by Communist ideology, and the smuggling of Marxian metaphysics under the false banner of “science.”
· “Epistemology,” theories of knowledge, the logical fallacy of legitimation by paralogy (appeals to experts, bandwagon, authority, etc), the Socratic and scientific method, and methodology of scientific studies.
· “Pedagogy,” the methodologies of teaching, and the capture of pedagogy by Marxian methodologies.
· “Disinformation,” as the information warfare tactic of deceit, and also as the delegitimation tactic of the label “disinformation” given by political warfare operators.
· How all these concepts relate to political and information warfare with a particular focus on Maoist doctrine. Study should draw significantly from materials from Unconstrained Analytics’ intelligence products, New Discourses articles and podcasts, Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and the updated Marxist political warfare strategy guide “Beautiful Trouble.”

Political Warfare 102: a study on the history of political and ideological warfare, including:

· Occultism and secret societies from Plato’s writings to New Age Theosophy and Madam Blavatsky, Hermeticism and Gnosticism, the Eleusinian Mysteries and other cult initiation rites.
· Cult inner circles and intelligence agencies, mutually assured destruction through rites involving perversion and blackmail with an emphasis on the historic use of children as a sexual “honeypot” for blackmail materials:
o The Kincora boys’ home in Northern Ireland run by British intelligence.
o Western intelligence agencies’ links to the private island of Jeffery Epstein.
o Such use of children dating back to Plato, as discussed in his Symposium, and continuing through the modern era, from Herbert Marcuse’s Eros and Civilization, “the road to higher culture leads through the true love of boys.”
· The “dialectic” as used by powerful people and organizations as a weapon through an engineered “problem,” and shaping the “reaction” through cultural means, to achieve a desired outcome “solution.”
· Study should draw significantly from materials from Unconstrained Analytics, New Discourses, Sovereign Nations, and Derryl Cooper’s MartyrMade Podcast 3-episode series on Jeffery Epstein.

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