Special counsel David Weiss, the Justice Department prosecutor leading the myriad investigations into Hunter Biden, will appear before the House Judiciary Committee on Nov. 7, multiple media outlets reported Thursday night.

The closed-door, transcribed interview was first reported by Punchbowl News.

The chair of the Judiciary panel is Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, who is trying to secure enough votes to become House speaker.

CNN reported the interview, which has been months in the making amid wrangling between the DOJ and House Republicans, will focus on Weiss’ role in the Biden investigation, beginning before he was named special counsel.

The early investigation conducted by Weiss, the U.S. Attorney for the District of Delaware, culminated with a plea bargain deal for Biden which didn’t survive judicial scrutiny. When the plea deal broke apart, Weiss was elevated to special counsel by U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland to expand his powers outside of Delaware.

At issue for Republicans is that Garland and Weiss maintained he had “ultimate authority” to investigate and prosecute Biden before being named special counsel.

Jordan previously stated that Weiss would appear before the panel on Oct. 18, Wednesday. Jordan originally sought an Oct. 11 interview with Weiss. Meanwhile, the DOJ in September had committed to making Weiss available in the “near term.

Republicans likely want to quiz Weiss about the testimony of three IRS officials, who have stated myriad ways that Weiss was stymied by his peers in D.C. and California in bringing tax charges against Biden in their jurisdictions prior to Weiss being named special counsel. Biden was living in D.C. and California at times when he failed to pay taxes, the most egregious tax charges that since have lapsed under the statute of limitations.

One of the U.S. attorneys named by the whistleblowers, Matthew Graves, said that Weiss wanted to charge Biden in Washington, D.C. Graves testified that he asked Weiss “whether he was just looking for the kind of normal administrative support that any U.S. attorney would need if they were going to come and bring a case in another jurisdiction … or whether he was asking for us to join the investigation.”

According to Graves, Weiss answered support “at a minimum” but left open the door for “joining” the investigation.

Ultimately, after briefings and communications between the D.C. and Delaware offices, Graves said, his office “ultimately did not join” the Weiss investigation, a decision that was reached around March 19, 2022.

The whistleblowers have also testified that Weiss was blocked from pursuing charges against Biden by prosecutors in the DOJ’s tax division as well.

As special counsel, Weiss brought gun charges against Biden early this month.

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