Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Dan Meuser told Newsmax Tuesday that Attorney General Merrick Garland’s appointed special counsel for Hunter Biden, U.S. Attorney David Weiss “deliberately avoided” problems the president’s son had with the Internal Revenue Service during his earlier investigations.

“David Weiss goes back, way back, with the Biden family. He worked in the Delaware Attorney General’s Office,” Meuser said during “Newsline” Tuesday. “He’s the one as we know that gave the most sweetheart of deals ever that could be offered to Hunter Biden and did everything he could to jam it through a local [Delaware] court. Now he gets [appointed and] gets set up as the special prosecutor where he has very, very, much deliberately avoided Bianca information [against Hunter] from the IRS.”

Weiss testified before the House Judiciary Committee in a closed-door hearing Tuesday, marking the first time a special counsel testified before completing his investigation, the New York Times reported Tuesday.

He is expected to challenge the allegations from GOP committee members that he showed favoritism to Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, during his current and former investigations.

According to the report, Weiss’ spokesman Wyn Hornbuckle said that he is willing to appear before his investigation concludes to dispel any notion that he is being pressured by either Garland or the White House on whether to criminally charge Hunter Biden.

“[Weiss] is prepared to take this unprecedented step of testifying before the conclusion of his investigation to make clear that he’s had and continues to have full authority over his investigation and to bring charges in any jurisdiction,” Hornbuckle told the Times.

Meuser said that he has heard that Weiss was “quite evasive” during the testimony and said that he has not been able to uncover numerous financial accounts and documents, including checks made out to President Joe Biden himself while serving as vice president.

“[Weiss] has not uncovered one bank account. Every one of these bank accounts that they went to great lengths to cover up, has come from our committee under [GOP Chairman] James Comer, so he has no credibility. He should be highly suspect of anything that that he’s active on. There’s millions and millions of dollars that have gone to the Biden family. Two granddaughters, the daughters, two brothers, and now Joe. We have over $240,000 that [went] to the ‘big guy,’ so the American people are very concerned.”


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