Reports that Hunter Biden’s name has never been listed on White House or Marine One logs come as no surprise and could lead to questions about where he’s traveled with his father, President Joe Biden, but don’t expect the mainstream media to cover the story, Rep. Tim Burchett said on Newsmax Friday. 

“I’m sure the mainstream media will not cover it,” the Tennessee Republican said on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America.” “[There is] a constant cover-up by this administration. They have not been forthcoming with anything.”

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said last week the administration has never recorded Hunter Biden or other family members in the Marine One logbooks. 

“This is the family,” she told reporters. “The family gets to travel with the president, and that’s been the case with every other president, and so it’s not something that we have done or we would be doing moving forward.”

Burchett said he doesn’t know why the administration “thinks they’re being clever by keeping Hunter off the logbook when we can see him getting off a helicopter.”

“I think it’s an arrogance that you all aren’t paying attention or that you don’t know,” he said. “If I was doing something shady I wouldn’t have a neon sign on top of my head saying ‘Hey! I’m going in the White House.’ This is just the arrogance of this bunch, thinking you all aren’t going to notice. This guy is probably one of the most photographed men in Washington, when I’m not there, of course.”

As for Hunter Biden, he added, the president’s son is “just an anchor around their necks right now.”

Meanwhile, Biden’s numbers are dropping and “the Democrats are scratching their head right now they’re in panic mode,” said Burchett. “They are looking for somebody to replace him … they’re going to stop defending him because they can’t afford their numbers to drop either.”

Biden, he added, is “not cognizant of what’s going on around him or he would address some of these issues.”

Burchett further commented that the White House knows the “American public” is on to Biden’s “game.”

“There’s $30 million that has plowed through this family that there’s no record of them even paying any taxes on and they’re from foreign sources,” said Burchett. “The national media doesn’t push him on it. The American people have totally checked out on this White House, and that’s why I say they’re going to have to find somebody new, some very big news. … I don’t know. But the country’s in trouble and they know it.”


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