President Joe Biden has been “lying about this from the start” when it comes to the activities of his son Hunter Biden, Rep. Tim Burchett, R-Tenn., told Newsmax on Thursday.

And with the House impeachment inquiry investigating whether he engaged in a conspiracy to obstruct, Burchett said he doesn’t think Biden will turn over documents that are being sought.

“He said his son was not involved in any of this,” the Tennessee Republican said on Newsmax’s “Newsline.” “[He said] he had no knowledge of it, he had no business interest in it, and then he’s had to retract all those statements … they have done this continuously.”

That’s because there’s an “arrogance” coming from the White House on several issues, also including the border situation, said Burchett.

“It’s just a complete departure from what this country needs and deserves,” he said. “Right now we need real leadership. That’s why we’re under attack fiscally and physically throughout the world right now.”

Meanwhile, the White House has announced the delivery of $250 million in aid to Ukraine, coming while the bigger package of aid remains in limbo in the Senate, where Republicans are pushing for border security policies to be approved in addition to the aid package.

“It’s still just another incident of them obstructing justice,” Burchett said of the package that was announced. “We’re more concerned about a border in a corrupt country against Russia, whose GDP is somewhere between France and Canada, than we are with our own border.”

Burchett added that 8 million people have crossed the border since Biden took office.

“That’s the entire population of the state of Tennessee, where I’m in right now,” Burchett said, adding that in this week’s negotiations between U.S. leaders and the president of Mexico, “we didn’t even have the guts to bring up fentanyl.”

“When you look at the price of healthcare, we’re going to have to take care of these folks,” Burchett said of the migrants. “We’re gonna have to educate them and we’re going to have to feed them, and we’re already clothing them and housing them.

“You’re seeing veterans kicked out of their out of housing in New York and places like that so we can house illegals. And yet, here we are. We’re more concerned about what’s going on in Ukraine than we are in our own country, and that is a disgrace.”

Burchett also discussed the controversy over GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley, who found herself being criticized over an answer at a New Hampshire town hall Wednesday when she did not mention slavery as a cause for the Civil War.

Haley has walked back her comment, insisting her comments were in response to a question by one of the “Democrat plants.”

Burchett, though, said he doesn’t think the matter will hurt her candidacy.

“I think it’s the flavor of the moment,” he said. “She comes from South Carolina. Of course, she knows what the cause of the Civil War was … it’s election season. Every word will be analyzed, and all the pundits will be out there on the twists and turns.”


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