Religious Freedom Webinar

The Religious Freedom Webinar discusses the background of how America’s constitution guarantees our religious freedom and why this is important to all American’s no matter what their faith is. Everyone has a faith whether it is Christianity, Muslim, Jewish, Agnostic, Atheism or Nature. The First Amendment guarantees that we all can practice our religion without the government telling us what we can do or can’t do. Although this guarantee is not absolute, it does guarantee that the government can’t dictate an official religion and that we can practice the tenants of our faith unless it posses some harm to others in our society.

Be sure and look at the additional resources that we have included below as we have included a number of websites and articles that provide further explanations that were not covered in the webinar. All American’s should understand why the First Amendment is important as it was the first Amendment to the constitution which meant that the founders of our country considered it the most important one to guarantee the freedom that they fought for when they freed themselves from England’s rule. After all, England did have an official religion, as practiced by the Church of England.

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