The vast majority of Americans are concerned that the U.S. is becoming a police state that employs censorship, mass surveillance, targeting of political opponents, and ideological indoctrination, according to a Rasmussen poll published Thursday.

The survey, which consisted of 998 likely voters, found that 72% are concerned about the U.S. becoming a police state, with 46% saying they are “very concerned.” Only 23% were not concerned, and under 10% said that they were “not at all concerned.”

The survey also asked respondents whether they agreed with the statement that “The FBI is a danger to the freedom and security of law-abiding Americans,” to which half agreed, with the majority answering that they strongly agree. 45% of respondents disagreed, with 26% strongly disagreeing. Among Republicans, 45% said they “strongly agree” and 23% said they “somewhat agree.” 36% of Democrats strongly disagreed, while 22% said they somewhat disagreed.

Rasmussen also asked if Democrats or Republicans are a bigger threat to basic liberties in America, to which 76% of Republicans and 65% of Democrats answered that the opposing party was the bigger threat. 26% of Democrats and 20% of Republicans said that their own party is the bigger threat.

The poll has a margin of error of +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence.

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