You Can Understand Bible Prophecy for Yourself

In today’s tumultuous world, we see current events aligning with what will happen during the tribulation period prophesied in the Bible. The uncertainty of what is to come has led many to ask questions about what will happen, and when.

With this companion to The End Times in Chronological Order, author Ron Rhodes provides a strategically designed guide to help you unpack Bible prophecy. Whether you journey through this workbook on its own or in tandem with the book, this resource illuminates every key concept believers need to know—and where they fit on God’s timeline—from the rapture, to the tribulation, to the return of Christ, and beyond.

Let your heart be enriched, nurtured, and emboldened as you experience the blessing the book of Revelation promises to those who study Bible prophecy! The End Times in Chronological Order Workbook will equip you to better understand and prepare for what God has made known about the future.