It’s difficult for those on the front lines of parenthood to not feel intimidated when we look at the world we are raising our kids in. The selfie-obsessed, sexually confused, entitled, morally bankrupt and far from God culture around us is causing many parents to retreat in fear. But fear is not of God, and it’s time to stop fixating on the darkness and start focusing on the light. Sheltering our kids from evil is not the goal. Instead, we must focus on consistently exposing them to our Jesus and all of His goodness, so they willingly follow after Him. Fearless Parenting is a Kingdom message that will: Renew your commitment to raising Godly kids in an ungodly world. Help you instill purpose and identity in your children. Show you how to open up and unpack Biblical Truth Gifts that God has given you to succeed as a parent. Inspire you to become a master at your craft. And equip you to raise a generation whose faith in God is real, tested, and unshakable. Parents, a new wind is coming- God is calling you up, it’s time to be fearless.