While out for a local community festival this summer I encountered this unpleasant advertisement affixed to the sidewalk in the downtown metro area near where I live.

Pictured strewn about in the ad were an IUD, a condom, two PrEP HIV pills, and a urine sample cup. Above these items was the claim: EXPERT SEXUAL HEALTH CARE. IT’S WHAT WE DO. Below the items the entity behind the all-caps claim and accompanying distasteful images was named, Planned Parenthood.

If there is one thing Planned Parenthood is an expert at, it is marketing sexual activity precisely so that when the tools it pushes to do so fail, it is positioned to provide the supposed remedy, whether that is STD testing, or importantly, abortion.

A recent tweet from Planned Parenthood spelled it out succinctly: “When it comes to your abortion, any reason is the right reason.”

National Right to Life Committee estimates that Planned Parenthood performs more than 40% of the abortions that occur in the U.S. We’re left with estimates because there is no national reporting law, abortion reporting between the states is inconsistent, and we are at the mercy of the integrity of the abortion businesses’ reporting.

Taking Planned Parenthood at its word with its reporting, there is a lot of abortion initiated within its walls and a lot of money coming in the door, a sizable chunk of which you and I subsidize as taxpayers.

Taxpayers Pay for More Then a Third of Planned Parenthood’s Revenue

Remember, according to abortion proponents “abortion is healthcare,” and U.S. taxpayers get to help bankroll this non-profit business to the tune of more than half-a-billion dollars each year, more than a third of Planned Parenthood’s revenue.

Planned Parenthood performed 374,155 abortions in 2020-21, according to the latest stats, down a little over 9,300 from the previous year, which was the highest number of abortions it had ever reported, at 383,460.

Taxpayer funding, which comes in government grants, contracts, and Medicaid reimbursements, reached $670.4 million in 2020-21 — almost $1.9 million per day.

The information from Planned Parenthood’s services in 2020-21 was included in its 2021-22 report and broken down by Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI) for a factsheet streamlining the stats.

CLI is the research arm for the national pro-life group Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America. The pro-life group notes that Planned Parenthood’s service data lags behind the rest of the info in its annual report.

Planned Parenthood has performed over 3.4 million abortions over the past 10 reports.

No matter why these abortions occurred or who paid for them, that was nearly three and a half million souls whose earthly life was ended by abortion and countless more lives affected by the loss, not the least of which is millions of mothers now without their children.

But one constant in each of those millions of abortions is that Planned Parenthood gained financially from it.

Abortion Remains King at Planned Parenthood

The moral question of abortion aside, we can see further from the CLI factsheet that through any financial or societal trend abortion remains king at Planned Parenthood.

In 2020-21, abortions made up 97.2% of Planned Parenthood’s pregnancy resolution services, up from 96.6% the year before.

For every adoption referral in 2020-21, Planned Parenthood performed 208 abortions. Over the past 10 annual reports, the ratio was approximately 130 abortions for every one adoption referral.

Planned Parenthood saw 2.13 million patients in 2020-21, a decrease of approximately 30,000 from the previous year. The number of patients seen the prior year had decreased by almost 240,000, or 10% from the previous report.

The downward trend in the number of services conducted and patients seen at Planned Parenthood is an ongoing one.

According to data from Planned Parenthood’s own annual reports, since 2010 total services are down 17.1%.

Planned Parenthood’s services and patient numbers are down, but the cashflow into the abortion business is not.

Planned Parenthood reported in its 2021 annual report $1.9 billion in income and over $2.3 billion in net assets, both an increase from the prior report.

Taxpayer funding, which comes in government grants, contracts, and Medicaid reimbursements, reached $670.4 million in 2020-21 — almost $1.9 million per day. Taxpayer funding now makes up 35% of Planned Parenthood’s overall revenue and has increased by almost 37.5% since 2010.

Planned Parenthood’s excess of total revenue over total expenses as of the most recent annual report is $204.7 million. Last year its excess of total revenue over total expenses was $133.7 million.

For more specifics you can check out CLI’s fact sheet HERE.

Planned Parenthood Seeks to Sexualize Children

And remember the kids. Where parents strive to raise their kids in accordance with their values, Planned Parenthood seeks to sexualize children.

Controversy is abundant with the nation’s largest abortion provider and its sexual education agenda.

Planned Parenthood works hard and successfully to get in front of kids whether in school or online with its version of sex ed, claiming it’s what young people deserve and touting itself as the expert there as well.

Former Planned Parenthood workers affirm that the abortion chain markets sex to young people to benefit its bottom line.

Fast forward to recently when we heard that Planned Parenthood would be laying off employees. This, despite all the billions in income and assets denoted in the above stats.

Health Concerns Won’t Stop Them From Peddling Abortion

About a month before that, some of Planned Parenthood’s affiliates said out loud what others might not; that the abortion business is going to proceed with providing chemical abortion with misoprostol only, should the FDA’s approval of mifepristone, the first drug in the two-drug chemical abortion regimen, be impacted by the current lawsuit over mifepristone’s problematic approval.

This, while one Planned Parenthood exec even admitted that misoprostol-only abortion is less effective and carried more severe side effects.

I’m going to guess that no matter how any of that plays out, Planned Parenthood’s ad budget will be safe, and we — and our children — can still expect to see its distasteful images everywhere, whether on a sidewalk, a billboard, in objectionable curriculum, or coming at us via various internet avenues.

But the next time you hear the largest purveyor of abortion in the U.S. claim that “expert sexual health care” is “what they do,” don’t fall for it. Because the fact is, abortion is what Planned Parenthood does, while making some good money at it.


Lisa Bourne is Managing Editor of Pregnancy Help News and Content Writer for Heartbeat International. She has worked in journalism and communication for the pro-life community, the Catholic Church, other Christian denominations, and secular media for several years.

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