The petitions below are petitions that Nehemiah Reset is currently working on. The links are active until the date indicated.  If you have an issue related to a school board, city council, county commision or the state legislature that you want us to include in our list, please use the “Contact Us” form by clicking on this link and let us know about the issue and why it is important. If Nehemiah Reset agrees, we will include it in our list and let our mailing list know that they can respond to this request.

To sign one of the petitions, just click on the name and you will be taken to the petition to submit. If you wish to share the petition on facebook, just click on the facebook link. You can also encourage people on Twitter as well. Help us change the culture by reponding to these important petitions.

Petition Name                                                                                                             Petition Deadline

Sample Petition – Say “No” to Stopping Pledge of Allegiance                              12/1/2030

“Cultural Issue” Newsletter Signup


 Separation Of Church and State

Why Christians Should Be Involved In Politics