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Join Carver County community leaders and fellow residents to let the Carver County Board of Commissioners know that Governor Walz is not acting quickly enough. Sign this petition to encourage county commissioners to reopen Carver County and give us back our freedom! We acknowledge the situation caused by Covid-19 and recognize that it is a public health concern. However, the economic, social, emotional and religious disruption caused by the shutdown may cause far greater harm in the form of economic hardship, loss of livelihood, and mental health problems for Carver County residents and their families. Far less disruptive measures of managing the disease can be employed such as capacity limits by business owners, extra care to sanitize and clean surfaces, and physical distancing.

We are petitioning the Carver County Board of Commissioners to immediately reopen our county; its restaurants, bars, salons, gyms, businesses, and places of worship. The Governor has made accommodations to open retail stores, but has not gone far enough fast enough. As of May 14, there are ninety-two confirmed cases in Carver County with one death. Research has demonstrated that non-economically disruptive physical distancing measures can be effective to control the spread of Covid-19. We ask the Carver County Board to listen to residents and immediately begin the responsible reopening of our county. We request that the Board supports the choice of all residents to continue to stay at home or the choice to move about freely within the county and to support the economy of Carver County while maintaining behaviors to preserve the health and safety of all residents.

Please sign this petition to support the opening of businesses, restaurants, city government and places of worship. Let elected officials know there is a large group of residents who are in favor of responsibly restarting the economy of Carver County, MN.

Authored by Josh Mulvihill (PhD), Mark Halla (Candidate Carver County Commissioner), Mayor Tom Funk (Victoria), Mayor Chris Lund (Hamburg), Vernelle Clayton (Chair, Buy Chanhassen), Darren Noble (Executive Director, SW Metro Chamber of Commerce), and Joe Scott (Victoria Business Association)

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2020-05-22 19:17:51

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