Former President Donald Trump’s comments on allowing exceptions such as rape or incest in abortion bills or referring to state heartbeat bills as a mistake are getting noticed from people who want a candidate who is committed to the “broad-based conservative agenda,” and protecting the unborn, former Vice President Mike Pence said on Newsmax Tuesday.

“I’m somebody that is pro-life,” Pence told Newsmax’s “National Report.” “I don’t apologize for it … tens of millions of Republican primary voters, caucus-goers around the country, they’re going to be looking and listening for someone who’s committed to that broad-based conservative agenda that’s not just led our party to victory, but led our country back to security and prosperity.”

Further, when asked if he believes there should be a national abortion ban law, Pence said that he thinks that the heart of the conservative movement has included a “commitment to the unborn over the past 50 years.”

“Thanks to the prayers and the advocacy and the work of generations of pro-life Americans, we managed to elect an administration that I was proud to be a part of that appointed three of the justices that gave America a new beginning for the right to life,” said Pence, referring to his time in the Trump administration.

However, he said he thinks there is a “real misunderstanding” about the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade, that the Supreme Court only returned the question of abortion to the states, rather than also to the American people.

“The American people elect presidents,” he said. “They elect governors, they elect senators and congressmen. And while I think I’m going to continue to support the strongest possible protections, I would never call a heartbeat bill a terrible mistake.”

And when one looks at Democrat-controlled states where more than half the abortions in the United States take place, that means there is an argument for a minimum national abortion law, said Pence.

“I’m not willing to walk by on the other side of the road and leave unborn children in those Democrat-led states up to the devices of Democrat and liberal and pro-abortion politicians,” he added. “A minimum national standard of 15 weeks would be the point at which most doctors tell you that an unborn child can experience pain is an idea whose time has come and it’s supported by more than 70% of Americans.

“The American people are looking for men and women at all levels who will work toward the sanctity of life, and I’ll be such a leader if I have the privilege of being president of the United States.”

Sandy Fitzgerald

Sandy Fitzgerald has more than three decades in journalism and serves as a general assignment writer for Newsmax covering news, media, and politics. 

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