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One of the questions we sometimes get asked, is how do I get the Nehemiah Reset Salt and Light team into my church. This is not an unusal question. Pastors and church elders can be concerned about getting something they think is political into their church. However, Nehemiah Reset’s Salt and Light team is not political. Our Salt and Light teams are only information gathers and their objective is to gather this information to present to the pastor who makes a decision whether the issue that was uncovered should be presented to the church.

Nehemiah Reset’s Salt and Light Team has a number of aspects that provide the pastor control without much involvement:

  • The team is only setup if the church pastor agrees to do it
  • The SLT team should report to a staff member whom the pastor trusts or the pastor themselve
  • Any issue brought to the congregation must be approved by the pastor
  • All voter guides are non-partician and only relate the answers the candidate provides
  • All issues which are addressed are only ones which either support or are against the values in the bible

Below we have provided some of the resources that can be used to help convince your pastor that Nehemiah Reset’s Salt and Light teams will assist the congregation in voting their biblical beliefs.

Below we have included a video which specifies the rights of pastors and churches regarding what they may do to influence the culture for Christ. The rights of pastors and churches are quite broad. Click on the IRS guidelines above to see a written list of the do’s and don’ts.

Another question that so often comes up with pastors and church members, is why should Christians be involved in politics. In the video below, Frank Turek provides a good illustration as to why it is important for Christians to be involved in their culture and what happens when they are not involved. The illustration is a clear example of what happens when God is taken out of the political process and when biblical values are no longer impacting the culture. Watch the video to see how clear this example is when the light of Christians is no longer in the marketplace.

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 Separation Of Church and State

Why Christians Should Be Involved In Politics

   ” learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow’s cause.” – Isaiah 1:17