They’re taking away our First Amendment Rights.

That is all this is about – ELIMINATING free speech in America.

This is how tyrants take control.

Massive Trump rally in Ohio.

On Thursday the Biden regime arraigned their top political opponent in a Washington DC court on speech violations.

The indictments were absurd, should never have been filed, and go against the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

On Friday we learned that Special Counsel Jack Smith either failed to review evidence that exonerates President Trump and Mayor Rudy Giuliani or he ignored the findings altogether.

Jack Smith charged Trump with “speech violations” while ignoring evidence that exonerated President Trump.
So who is the criminal here?

On Friday President Trump posted this warning on Truth Social.

This should not be a surprise. Trump ALWAYS goes after those who attack him first. Just ask Rosie O’Donnell or CNN.

As reported earlier – In response to President Trump’s post on Truth Social, dirty Jack Smith asked the far-left Obama judge overseeing the DOJ’s latest case against Trump to prevent the president from sharing information on the case with the public.

Now the Obama Judge who worked with Hunter Biden is giving President Trump until Monday at 5 PM to respond to a motion for protective order filed by dirty Jack Smith.

Now this…
The Obama judge on the case gave President Trump until Monday at 5 PM to respond to Jack Smith’s motion to forbid him from speaking out in his own defense before the trial – As the media continues to misrepresent the charges against him!

This is completely against the US Constitution. This only happens to Republicans.
This is tyranny.

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