Hollywood writers and actors have been on strike for weeks now. Have you even noticed? You’re not alone.

New polling from the Los Angeles Times indicates that the vast majority of Americans don’t really care about the strikes or are ambivalent to them at best.

A majority of people in the poll understand the reasons why these people are striking, but it doesn’t really matter to them.

Breitbart News reports:

Poll: Most Americans Either Don’t Care or Are Undecided About the Hollywood Strikes

A new poll shows that while Americans support the striking Hollywood writers and actors more than the studios, a clear majority of Americans either do not care or feel ambivalent about the situation.

Surveying 1,002 adult Americans between July 28-30, the Los Angeles Times/Leger poll showed that the striking writers and actors do not have majority support, even though 60 percent of those polled admitted they had “somewhat” of an understanding of the grievances due to mass media coverage. Only 38 percent of Americans polled sympathized with the strikers while just 7 percent sympathized with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP).

However, well over 50 percent of those polled said they either sympathized with both sides or did not know where they stood. Per The Messenger:

Most respondents actually stated they were either ambivalent or unsure about their opinion on who’s on the right side of things; with 29 percent saying they sympathize with both sides equally and 25 percent said they don’t know which side they favor.

Two things are happening here.

First, people have way more options for entertainment than they did just ten years ago, so people are not noticing a lack of shows or movies to watch while Hollywood has stopped working.

Second, millions of Americans now know that the leftist, woke entertainment industry hates most of America and have already deserted Hollywood. There is no goodwill left from most of the public.

If Hollywood completely collapsed tomorrow, it would make absolutely no difference to most Americans.

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