The media has always been biased against conservatives in favor of Democrats but most people think the problem is worse than ever, according to new polling from Rasmussen.

The Trump era has broken a lot of people but it is especially evident in the media. They don’t even really try to hide it anymore.

They openly advocate for Biden and Democrats while parroting the talking point that Trump is threat to democracy.

The Washington Examiner reports:

All agree: Media bias worst ever, Biden coverage condemned

Media bias, the poor coverage of the Biden White House by the liberal press, and the hiding of first son Hunter Biden’s scandals have reached a new level.

In the latest Rasmussen Reports survey, 10 times as many likely voters believe that bias has reached a low point than a high one.

The details of the survey shared with Secrets said that 60% of likely voters believe media bias has gotten worse, up 6 points from the last time Rasmussen asked. Just 6% said bias is getting better, and 30% said it was about the same as in March when the pollster asked about it.

Partisan politics is somewhat at play, but still, far more Democrats, Republicans, and independents than not said bias in the news is getting worse.

Democrats, 44%-11%, said bias is getting worse than better. Republicans said worse, 74%-2%. And independents said 63% worse than 4% better.

A 2021 international poll found the US ranked last among 46 countries in trust in media.

The media has really damaged itself. Millions of Americans no longer trust any of them.

Here’s a highlight reel:

They’re nothing more than propagandists.

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