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Hello, your comment is interesting BUT incel means INVOLUTARY celibate,it is guys who want to have a girlfriend but NO woman wants them:

Brando, in my experience with male friends who do not have girlfriends but would like one, I have found that this is seldom the case. They may have asked out a girl or two, sometimes as far back as high school, and then just given up.


From 1 to 10, in general they are below 5 or unattractive.

Some, but not all. But the idea that all men generally deemed unattractive are doomed to be without a girlfriend is just silly.

And some of the greatest marriages have been between people that some would consider less than attractive, like Julia Child and her husband Paul–she was tall and plain and he was short and balding. But they had a great time–better than many who may have been better looking. I just finished reading her autobiography.


But INCREASINGLY many are 5 to 7: NORMAL-looking guys. So that explains an incel population of 51% in 2020 in the US of those men 18-29.

Nobody believes 51% of US men are sub 5: ugly.

Actually, it is a little over 50% of young men in the US who don’t have a steady girlfriend or wife. Not all young men want a steady girlfriend–not all are “incels”. Most American men don’t marry until they are near the upper age in this bracket.



1.Both men and women have TESTOSTERONE which is the HORMONE responaible for:


2.But WOMEN has like 10X LESS testosterone than men.


A man can be sexually aroused,sleep with a woman who is a 5,6, 7 and above.

But for a women to be really, sexually,physically attracted to a man,because of her VERY low concentration of testosterone:

he has to be a 9 or 10 out of 10. Somebody who looks like GEORGE CLOONEY or PAUL McCARTNEY ( Beatles singer).

Well, this is just silly. Women do indeed have less testosterone than men, but this *does not mean* that they only sleep with the top twenty percent of men looks-wise. In fact, women over all tend to be *less* obsessed with looks than are men.

Not that women can’t be shallow, as well–but when they are, it more likely to be based on fame or wealth than on looks.

Certainly, men like Bill Gates have married–despite his not looking like a greek god.

And Paul McCartney, while known as the “cute Beatle”, was never exactly an adonis. His talent, fame, and wealth, as well as his being known as a nice guy, were also draws.

But even then, he stayed with his first wife, Linda, until her death at fifty-six. Even when she was younger, Linda was attractive but hardly the most beautiful of women. Despite what you appear to believe, love and companionship are actually big motivators for both men and women.

He later married Heather Mills, a former model, yes, but also an amputee. The relationship did not end well, but not because she was disabled. His third wife, Nancy, does appear to be a good marriage. She *is* younger than he is, but while attractive is hardly a young model.


ANOTHER REDPILL/BLACKPILL (based on science and empirical data)

WHY is the face of George Clooney and Paul McCartney attractive to women,it is because of the GOLDEN RATIO or Law of Proportions,Symmetry.

The shape of the nose and eyes have to be such that the MORE they correspond to the Golden Ratio, they more beautiful they are. In other words, our PERCEPTION of a BEAUTIFUL face is NOT essentially subjective, but OBJECTIVE.

Men and women often have physical ideals–models, actors, actresses, pin-ups, rock stars–but that does not mean that everyone only dates their ideals. Most realize that George Clooney and Brad Pitt are not going to marry every girl who comes along.

In the same way, most men realize that they are not likely to date Scarlett Johannson or Gal Gadot.



The men in the MONGOLOID race(Chinese, Japanese,Koreans,Mongolians,Vietnamese,etc)
have faces that correspond LESS to the GOLDEN RATIO ( size of nose and eyes ),

that CAUCASOIDS ( who have DIFFERENT skin color:some are pale white,others olive white, light brown, brown and even BLACK ( people of SOUTHERN INDIA ).


Even though in the US CHINESE MEN earn MORE money than WHITE men,on AVERAGE,like $20,000 MORE.

MOST Chinese men in the US are INCELS.

And the data is that:

CHINESE WOMEN in the US in general do NOT want to date Chinese men but PREFER white men, the reason would be the Golden Ration or facial symmetry.

There are lots of attractive Chinese men. My husband and I had a friend, a coworker of his, who was Chinese-American and did not date, though he wanted a girlfriend. He wasn’t the most handsome man, but looked fine. But we found that he was more comfortable mooning over Seven of Nine–a character on Star Trek–and porn stars than he was dating actual women.

I think this is the main problem now–some men who don’t want to date, and prefer fantasy or porn to the messy world of dating actual humans. (There are also women who prefer reading romance novels and watching romcoms to dating; equally unhealthy).

A generation ago most people were married. Some things have shifted culturally since then, but the biology of men and women *has not*.

If you want to meet someone you have to get out there (admittedly difficult now, but the Covid lockdown won’t last forever). Get comfortable with women–even dating women you may feel less nervous with because they *aren’t* “tens”. You may also find that there is more to women than just their looks.

Certainly, embracing being “incel” as irrevocable does not help.

Good luck to you and your friends.

I will probably leave this here now, since this is *way* off topic.

Robert Spencer 2020-09-27 19:38:36

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