Moms for Liberty Founder Destroys Joy Reid During Attempted ‘Gotcha’ Interview on Banned LGBTQ Books and Parental Rights (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

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Tiffany Justice, co-founder of Moms for Liberty, showcased a formidable display of wit and knowledge, effectively destroying MSNBC host Joy Reid, one of America’s poster children for stupidity, over the issue of parental rights and book banning in schools.

Reid opened the segment by questioning whether LGBTQ and liberal parents have the same parental rights as others, to which Justice responded affirmatively, stating that “every parent means every parent has the fundamental right to direct the upbringing of their children.”

The dialogue immediately moved to the heart of the issue: explicit and graphic sexual content found in some books.

Justice argued that no books were being banned but rather removed from public school libraries, drawing a parallel with the restriction of certain internet sites in schools. She emphasized that Moms for Liberty was not about banning but advocating for appropriate content in school settings.

“I want to be clear: no one’s banning books. Write the book, print the book, publish the book, put the book in the public library, sell the book, right? We’re talking about a public school library,” said Justice.

“Children don’t have unfettered access to the internet at school. I did a FOIA records request, and I wanted to see what kinds of internet sites are banned in schools if we’re going to talk about banning, right? And the subject matter in the books that moms are concerned about are the same things that kids don’t have access to on the internet. So, it just feels very hypocritical, right? Why is no one out there protesting the internet in school?” she added.


The conversation shifted to specific books that have been removed from school libraries. Justice clarified that Moms for Liberty does not have a national book list but encourages parents to become informed advocates by reviewing materials available to their children.

Reid raised the issue of Booklooks, a website used extensively by Moms for Liberty for researching books. Reid claimed that this practice uses out-of-context excerpts from books to advocate for their removal from libraries, which Justice disagreed with.

“You’ll get out-of-context passages from the book, and then based on that, Moms for Liberty members are going to places like Broward County School Board meetings, reading out-of-context passages from these books, and then demanding that the school board remove them,” claimed Reid.

“The question I’m asking is, what is the expertise that you have and other Moms for Liberty advocates have to decide that an award-winning book like “All Boys Aren’t Blue” isn’t appropriate for students to read?” asked Reid, who appeared clueless on the context of the book.

Justice defended Moms for Liberty’s stance, arguing that certain content, such as descriptions of sexual acts or violence, is not appropriate for public school libraries. She emphasized the group’s desire for parents to be informed and have control over what their children are exposed to in school.

“What a tragic story of a young man who was anally raped by his adult family member. So you have incest, rape, pedophilia. Joy, you said you’d let me answer, so I’m going to answer for you. In what context is a strap-on dildo acceptable for public schools? That’s my question to you. Tell me what the context is around the strap-on dildo or the rape of a minor child by a teacher. We’re talking about public school,” Justice said.


Reid challenged Justice on the issue of why a parent who wants their child to have access to books containing pornography, rape, and pedophilia should be deprived of that right.

Joy Reid: Is a full context story, as you said, of the author’s experience. Why is it your right, or a Mom’s for Liberty activist’s right, to say that a parent who wants their child to have access to this book, which gives a personal experience of this author, why doesn’t a liberal parent, for instance, or a parent of an LGBTQ kid, why don’t they have a right for their child to just have access to this book? Why is it your right to say they can’t?

Tiffany Justice: So again, we’re talking about incest, rape, and pedophilia.

Joy Reid: Each parent has to decide what is appropriate for their child to read. So, I want you to answer. I’m going to ask you one more time. What is your right to tell a parent who wants their child, who might feel seen by this story? Why don’t they have the right? Why don’t they have the right as a parent to say, my child can have access to this book?

Tiffany Justice: If a child feels seen by this story, that means that they have been the victim of a predator. That means that they have either been raped by a family member or they’ve experienced.

Joy Reid: And your proof of that is what?

Tiffany Justice: You just said that your child feels seen by this story.

Joy Reid: You’re now making assumptions.

Tiffany Justice: There should be vibrant conversations about what’s happening in our public schools and what kids have access to. Joy. However, maybe we could just put all the books with all the graphic sexual content the dildo.

Joy Reid: I’m sorry.

Joy declines to display the explicit content from the banned books, as it contradicts their narrative.

Watch the full interview below:

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