One extremely explicit book with pornographic material keeps popping up in American schools.

The book, “Gender Queer: A Memoir” by Maia Kobabe, was reportedly found in a display case at Rhode Island’s North Kingstown High School, where it has purportedly been available to minors.

Nicole Solas, the mother of a kindergartner, posted a picture of the book on Twitter and highlighted some of the pornographic images found within it.

Given the incredibly graphic nature of the comic-style pornographic images, The Western Journal has decided not to embed the tweet within this story.

However, if you do wish to know exactly what kind of content has reportedly been made available to students at North Kingstown, you can view Solas’ tweet here.


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In a follow-up tweet, Solas said she was “submitting” these images to the police.

This isn’t the first time the book has reportedly popped up in an American school.

Last month, a Virginia mother spoke out at a local Fairfax County school board meeting, alleging that she had found multiple pornographic books — including “Gender Queer” — in both a high school library and a secondary school library.

Stella Pekarsky, the school board chair, attempted to defend the books’ inclusion, claiming they were only made available to “high school students.”

Is the left trying to sexualize children?

Obviously, most high school students are still minors who shouldn’t be exposed to such content.

It isn’t an accident that this book continues to be made available to minors across the country.

The sharing of books such as this one is key in the left’s goal to sexualize children.

After all, why else would the Young Adult Library Services Association anoint a pornographic book like this with the “Alex Award” in 2020?

The “Alex Award” is an award given specifically to books that the organization deems to have a “special appeal” to children “ages 12 through 18.”


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According to The Federalist, the School Library Journal, which calls itself “the largest reviewer of kid & [young adult] content,” has thrown its support behind the book as well, claiming the pornographic book is a “great resource.”

The left’s sexual agenda has infected the public school system with this insanity.

If you’ve enrolled your own children in public school, be on the lookout.

Otherwise, your child may be seeing pornography at school.

Michael Austin 2021-10-12 21:23:42

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