Missouri GOP Attorney General Andrew Bailey told Newsmax on Tuesday that “racially divisive indoctrination programs” such as the ones forced on Missouri law enforcement agencies “have no place in our public intuitions.”

A large March 8 brawl near Hazelwood East High School video caught one teenager repeatedly slamming the head of another girl into the pavement. The victim, Kaylee Gain, spent several days in a coma as a result of the beating. She has since started to show some signs of recovery and has begun breathing on her own.

In August of 2012, the Hazelwood School District demanded law enforcement agencies that provide school resource officers participate in DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) programs. When the police department declined to participate, the school removed the officers from the schools.

Bailey said the school district’s focus on diversity programs instead of safety is what led to the vicious beating.

“When you don’t have that early warning system — or at minimum you teach your students that uniformed police officers are scary and bad — then don’t be surprised when fights escalate to this level,” he told Tuesday’s “National Report.”


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