COLORADO SPRINGS – In an alarming revelation of the rampant spread of child pornography and sex trafficking, one man has spent his career bringing hope to those who are being sold for perverted gain. CBN News visited a training center run by Victor Marx of All Things Possible Ministries and learned about a fascinating new strategy for saving women caught in sex trafficking.

Victor Marx of All Things Possible Ministries explained, “We can’t incarcerate our way out of this. There’s far too many people consuming child porn. And we’re talking about it’s not the old crazy man. Now. It’s kids in their twenties and teens. So what we have to do is a multiple-faceted approach.”

Last year, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children received more than 19,000 reports of possible child sex trafficking. Victor Marx is doing something about that.”And so what I’ve done is we put together a think tank and it’s the first of its kind. We’re talking the best in the world regarding latest technologies, all the way up to the most seasoned counter-traffickers and people who’ve worked pedophile cases in our country. And we really believe God is giving us a multiple faceted approach, including bringing shame and exposure of those who are utilized in this evil material,” Marx said

All Things Possible has helped free 40,000 women and children from trafficking globally. In Southeast Asia, they support a home that rescues trafficked girls like 11-year-old Sarah.

“When I was eight years old, an evil man raped me,” Sarah recalled.

Now 11, she lives at the House of Refuge and is doing well in school.

“I’ve learned how to listen, and how to have a brave heart, and I should never feel unloved because God loves me,” Sarah said. “They told me about Jesus and now I believe in Jesus. Everyone here loves me and I know they will love me forever.”

But that’s not all. Marx and his team tracked down the man who raped her and worked with law enforcement to put him behind bars. He’s just one of nine pedophiles and rapists brought to justice because of the team’s efforts last year. Now, Victor is turning his attention to pedophiles closer to home.

“Well, one of the factors of the immigration crisis that really is not being talked about because it is a huge black eye on the U.S. government is the loss of 85,000 kids. And trust me, because we’ve done the research, most of those kids are suffering some type of abuse, including being sexually trafficked,” he explained.

Marx’s Colorado training center runs weekend sessions helping women recover from trauma. There, survivors of trafficking and abuse learn physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

“The Samantha Weekend is a 48-hour event where we see women set free physically, emotionally and spiritually. We bring in survivors who’ve been trafficked for sexual abuse. I’ve actually worked in the sex industry with the intention of being the hands and feet of Jesus,” Marx said.

His wife Eileen Marx is part of the weekend too. 

In the course, he explains to the women, “First thing, is awareness. It’s so important. Always be aware. Always be aware.”

Marx told CBN News, “We take people who have been either currently in the sex industry or have been trafficked, suffered abuse. And we put them through a weekend training course that helps them be equipped, overcome fears, and we give them skill sets, jujitsu, blade work, shooting, teach them teamwork, help develop a plan, and then they do a mock rescue of someone in a hostage house offsite.” 

“And I’ll tell you what, it’s the most beautiful way to see someone get healed, because in reality, that rescue, when they’re pulling that girl in a cage, they’re rescuing themselves,” he said.

Victor says parents can help keep their kids safe from online predators.

“Start in your own home. Protect your children. No child should have a right and a duty to have access to the Internet that’s not absolutely monitored because where things go sideways or people grooming your child both in person or people you know,” he said.

With an estimated 50,000 people in the U.S. believed to be “consistently trading illegal images,” many caught in addiction need help.

“If the person watching right now is struggling with porn or which is a gateway to child porn, I would say this. You can be free. God will forgive you, cleanse you. You can be free from the demonic forces driving in, you’ve got to understand it’s forces of darkness because I know people that hate doing what they do. You need freedom and Christ.”

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