In mid-December, the Michigan Temple of Satan set up a ‘Christmas Display’ on the lawn of the Michigan State Capitol in order to mock Christians during their holy time of year as they celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ as the Gateway Pundit’s Cassandra Fairbanks reported yesterday.

Within a day, a Democrat legislator Samantha Skorka was pictured kissing the display. Her tweet mocked Christians: “In the name of Satan, I claim the sexy satanic baphomet goat altar at OUR Michigan Capitol. Amen.”

Now nine legislators sent a letter to the Michigan Capitol Commission, which oversees the Capitol grounds, protesting the permission granted to Satanists to use the grounds. All nine legislators are Republicans, and the protest letter was led by Rep. Neil Friske (R). There are 54 Republicans in the Michigan House, so 45 of them refused to sign onto Rep. Friske’s letter.

The good guy legislators opposing the anti-Christian display by Satanists mocking the Christmas holidays are: Rep. Neil Friske, Rep. Josh Schriver, Rep. Joseph Fox, Rep. Rachelle Smit, Rep. Greg Markkanen, Rep. Matt Maddock, Rep. Gina Johnsen, Rep. Angela Rigas, Rep. Andrew Beeler.

Rep. Rachelle Smit told the GATEWAY PUNDIT: “These Satanists are clearly trying to provoke Christians with a profane display. It shows the priorities of Democrats that they kiss Satanic goats while shutting down political speech and trying to litigate Trump off the ballot. They very literally here want free speech for Satan but not for Christians.

Rep. Jim DeSana told the GATEWAY PUNDIT: “Satanists erecting a Satanic Goat Shrine on our State Capitol Lawn the Week before America celebrates Christmas ranks as the most repugnant attack on Christianity that I can recall in my lifetime. This has nothing to do with free speech and is a frontal attack on our culture and America’s Founding. We are one Nation, under God. Not Satan.”

Courageous Christian Michigan Rep. Josh Schriver has been public on social media condemning this Satanist display mocking Christians:

Meanwhile the Michigan House Republican ‘Majority Leader’ Matt Hall, noted RINO, is busy on social media wistfully wishing for the days of prior RINO Governor Rick Snyder and Snyder’s tax cuts and muh free markets:

The medallion pictured below, on the display being allowed at the Michigan Capitol, says “Hail Satan”

Standing next to the display, there is a strong sickly-sweet Earthy scent coming from the display.

Only 17% of the Republicans in the Michigan House were willing to sign a letter opposing this display of Satanism mocking Christianity on the state’s Capitol grounds.

The Michigan Capitol Commission is a five-person board that oversees the Capitol grounds. In recent years, when the Commission was appointed by Republicans, it kept looking for excuses to ban guns from the Capitol grounds. After winning legislative control by one seat in both chambers, the Democrats immediately moved to ban guns from the Capitol. The Commission unanimously banned almost all guns in August 2023. The ban occurred even though there was no incident to hold up in outrage. It was an exercise in ideology and political power.

The current Capitol Commission is composed of Chair William Kandler, Vice Chair Joan Bauer, John Bollman, Rich Brown, and Dan Oberlin.

Law abiding gun owners can’t carry legal guns to defend themselves, but Satanists can mock Christians with Christmas goat skull displays.

Notably, there are no pro-Christian displays anywhere on the Capitol grounds. Even the Christmas tree display is purposefully secularized after being installed in October 2023. Every year the Lansing area puts on an event called “Silver Bells” which is a light and firework show for children during the Christmas season. The event also notably provides zero mention of the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. This is the left-wing gradualism of making the Christmas holiday about the “Christmas season” instead of about Jesus Christ.

Here is the letter from Rep. Friske protesting the pro-Satanist display mocking Christians:

Here is the Satanists’ notice celebrating their display:

America is now the land of perverse legal logic where Satanism and hardcore pornography are permissible because they might be arguably ‘political speech’ in some way, but actual political speech on political topics is being banned systemically by the government as revealed in the Missouri v. Biden litigation.

Satanists around Michigan have been similarly emboldened by the capture and control of Michigan by left-wing zealots who have pushed and advanced the most radical left-wing policies possible, but have met little to no resistance from RINO Republicans, a disorganized center-right coalition, and major donors on the right who prefer losing to winning with pro-Trump Republicans.

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