What do you call a program that is used to indoctrinate children, target one particular race, and promote hate?

The Anti-Defamation League was once a leading human rights organization. Founded in 1913 in response to the escalating climate of antisemitism in the West, the ADL in recent years has morphed into something completely different than what its founders envisioned.

Today, the ADL is a far-left hate group whose goal is to smear conservatives, patriotic Americans, Trump supporters, and white people. This same confused organization gives a pass to far-left and Islamist hate groups.

To highlight this organization’s confusion, in 2022, the ADL excused Amnesty International in its campaign against the existence of Israel. Talk about an organization that has lost its way!

In 2021, the ADL labeled President Trump, the most pro-Israel president in history, antisemitic. And yet the President of the Anti-Defamation League, Jonathan Greenblatt, a former Obama official, said nothing as Barack Obama targeted Israeli elections and endangered Israel’s very existence with his very menacing foreign policy, including the Iran nuclear deal that gave the Iranian mullahs billions of dollars to target Israel.

They excused Ilhan Omar’s blatant antisemitism and hateful rhetoric against Israel.

The ADL also pushes restrictions on speech and even weighs in on appropriate gender-neutral Halloween costumes.

And the Anti-Defamation League also teaches children in America that only white kids are racists. They actually changed the definition of racism to target white people.

They’re openly teaching hate to American children!

And they’ve pushed this confusion on at least 1.4 million kids.
What a wicked group!

Infowars wrote more on their “No Place for Hate” program that promotes hate to children and young adults.

The The Montgomery Advertiser reported on this indoctrination program by the ADL that 1,600 US schools are pushing these lies to children.

The ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt is also leading efforts for Twitter to crack down on unwanted speech – from conservatives – while the Democrat Party becomes a breeding ground for anti-Semitism.

The ADL also led efforts to push advertisers to leave Twitter! 

And the ADL supports this.

Earlier this week Elon Musk highlighted the double standard by Jewish communities.

Elon then added this for clarification.

And so now the international elites are attacking Elon Musk for his antisemitic tweets!

The Guardian.



It should not surprise you that the articles listed above did not include the ADL attacks on white people.

They conveniently left that out!

And they wonder why no one trusts them anymore!

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