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Mandatory queer indoctrination at school causes huge uproar

Schools across America many times are run by managers who come with baggage from the extreme-left ideologies of higher academia.

Their plans often include spreading those ideals to students – whether or not they or their parents want such indoctrination.

But one such plan, in a school in Minnesota, has been taken down a notch, according to a new report from Mat Staver, chief of Liberty Counsel.

The dispute developed in Osseo, Minnesota, where officials scheduled a “gay pride” indoctrination class for all students, prepared scripts from which teachers were to read word-for-word, under a scenario that required teachers to take part regardless of their religious beliefs and rights, and more.

“And the district went out of their way to make it nearly impossible for parents to review the material or to opt their children out of the indoctrination,” the report said.

The push for the far-left agenda came from “four radical school board members,” Liberty Counsel reported.

“Teachers were not allowed to ‘opt out’ of teaching the ‘LGBTQIA+ History and Culture’ lesson, and the district deliberately made it difficult for parents to review the lesson materials in advance, or opt their children out of the politically charged, nonsensical course.”

Parents, in fact, had to apply for permission to see the materials, had to appear in person at the school, and had to document their identity, the report said.

The actual curriculum conflicted with science and used pop culture to push students to adopt fake pronouns and more.

“The lesson then encouraged students to question their own sexuality, asking the children if they are ‘confused’ about, ‘curious about,’ and ‘questioning’ their sexuality, fitting within at least one of the ‘Q’ categories in its lengthy acronym: ‘LGBTQIA+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer & Questioning, Intersex, & Asexual),’” the report said.

Students were to be told failure to “embrace” the ideology risked having their assignments labeled “incorrect.”

But then Liberty Counsel notified the school district of its need to allow students, parents and teachers to exercise their right to opt out of such ideologies.

The district caved, and, “as a result of our work, more than 1,000 students were allowed to opt out of the indoctrination classes at just one school. At another school, over 400 students opted out. In fact, so many parents opted their children out of the lesson that schools had to open their cafeterias and auditoriums to accommodate the teachers and students who refused indoctrination,” Liberty Counsel’s report said.

“In addition, at least 500 other children did not attend school at all on the day of the instruction.”

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