As The Gateway Pundit previously reported the Maine State Police have identified Robert R. Card, 40, as a person of interest in the horrific mass shooting that occurred at two separate locations in Lewiston, Maine.

Authorities have released an official mugshot of Card and have shared several details regarding his past mental health problems along with information regarding his prior military history.

Before the mugshot was released, several users on X jumped the gun and claimed Robert Card was a sex offender.

The Gateway Pundit did not publish this item.

The claims were made after it was discovered a Robert W. Card listed on Maine’s sex offender registry, however, the person of interest to the mass shooting is Robert R. Card.


After the claims picked up wind, Maine’s official Sex Offender Registry was taken down.


The move by authorities to take down the sex offender registry is more than likely an attempt to combat anyone from mixing the two men up.

Per AP:

CLAIM: A mugshot shows that the suspect in the mass shooting in Maine is a registered sex offender who cannot legally possess a firearm.

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. The post confuses two people named Robert Card. The person identified online using an incorrect mugshot is Robert W. Card, who was 32-years-old when arrested in 2016 and charged with possession of sexually explicit material. Police in Lewiston, Maine, shared a photo of Robert Card, a 40-year-old U.S. Army reservist from Bowdoin, in connection with the mass shooting Wednesday night.

THE FACTS: In the hours after a gunman opened fire at a bar and a bowling alley in Maine’s second largest city on Wednesday, social media users shared a photo they claimed was the suspect still at-large

Despite the Sex Offender Registry being taken down there’s still an article by Central Maine reporting the arrest of a Robert W. Card from Fairfield, Maine who was charged with possession of child pornography back in 2016.

The mugshot in the article has since been used to falsely claim the mass shooter in Lewiston was a pedophile.

Community Notes on X has also been combatting the claim:

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