‘Living in the Last Days’: Are Hamas Terrorists’ Horrors, War in Israel Tied to End Times Prophecies?

Prophecy expert Jeff Kinley, author of the new book, “God’s Grand Finale,” believes the war in Israel is further evidence we’re potentially “living in the last days.”

Speaking about end times signs more broadly, Kinley said Bible prophecies clearly predict much about future conflict in Israel.

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“[It discusses] wars and rumors of wars that are going to take place, earthquakes that are happening right now,” he said. “All these things that are happening are the precursors, I believe, to the actual end times events that we see in [the book of] Revelation.”

Kinley continued, “So, in my mind, it’s just more confirmation that we’re living in very volatile times, but times that are very prophetic as well.”

The author, slated to arrive in Tel Aviv this week but forced to abandon plans after Hamas attacked the Holy Land, further dove into Israel prophecy in the Bible, explaining how biblical events yet to come are dependent on Israel being back on the map — something that didn’t unfold until 1948.

Kinley likened Israel’s re-emergence 1,900 years after Rome’s siege on Jerusalem in 70 A.D. to a “miracle.”

With Revelation explicitly mentioning Israel as being key to these happenings, many struggled before 1947 to see how it could all literally unfold, Kinley said.

But once Israel was back after the horrors of the Holocaust, that narrative changed. And with that clarity came chaos.

“There’s been nothing but conflict since then, because Satan and those surrounding nations do not want them to occupy the land that God promised to Abraham … Satan is very territorial and God promised that land to Abraham, and so I think that’s one of the things that really is a telltale sign.”

Kinley said it’s remarkable Jews came back to their land “after 20 centuries being scattered to 70 nations,” likening the return to the “miracle on the Mediterranean.”

The author said God is sending signs to the world to pay attention to biblical prophecy, noting its prevalence in the Old Testament.

“It’s been said that every Old Testament prophet besides Jonah, in some way, predicts the regathering of the Jews back to the Holy Land,” Kinley said. “The reason why this is so significant is, as we look to the end times prophecies that the book of Revelation and Daniel [among other texts], none of these prophecies can really take place unless Israel’s in the land.”

Watch the author break down the events of 70 A.D., 1948, the Rapture, his worries about what could come after Hamas’ attack, and more.

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