Biblical Based Foundation

From a Biblical Wordview, we understand the Bible addresses abortion in 3 ways:

1.God created all humans in His image – all human life is sacred. Abortion ends a human life. Abortion is murder.

[Genesis 1:27; 9:6]

2.God forbids sacrificing our children for our own causes. Abortion sacrifices the life of a child for the god of convenience or personal power. Abortionist health officials are getting rich by sacrificing children for the sake of wealth and power. Pre-born children are being slaughtered while birth carrying women are being manipulated, intimidated, coerced, and falsely-educated into destroying their pre-born children. Abortionists and the Abortion Industry becomes wealthy and powerful while women, families and society lose a whole generation of God’s beautiful, purpose-filled image bearers. American society has this blood on its hands with over 60 million abortions in American since 1974.

[Leviticus 18:21]

2.In God’s eyes, a human before birth is the very same valuable individual they are after birth. Abortion de-personalizes the pre-born and identifies them as unliving, waste material whose existence is determined by the convenient choice of the “any-aged” female carrier. Even science disagrees with this Abortionist ”religion.” Abortionists care not about the suffering a pre-born baby endures. Scientific fact shows a beating heart at 8 weeks and the feeling of pain at 12 weeks or earlier. DNA is already established. Personhood exists. But, killing a pre-born is legal. Now, killing a post-born unwanted abortion survivor is legal and in certain states, killing an unwanted delivered baby is legal. This completely contradicts a Biblical Worldview.

[Luke 1:41-44]

Therefore, with this Biblical Worldview guiding us, we believe abortion destroys families and individuals, tears down a healthy society, and causes the church to be impotent. We seek to mobilize the church to provide positive pathways for individuals, families, and service-based organizations. We seek to bring healing to the State of Minnesota




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