Libertarian Party Chair Angela McArdle (Credit: Libertarian Party); Donald Trump (Credit: White House)

The Libertarian Party is facing internal conflict and public scrutiny after the recent selection of a controversial nominee for the upcoming election, with tensions escalating as the Party Chair appears to be insinuating support for Trump.

The Libertarian Party’s presidential nominee, Chase Oliver, is a far-left radical whose views are completely out of step with the party’s principles.

Oliver, a former Democrat who once supported Barack Obama, has called for an end to the “U.S. war machine” and the “genocide in Gaza.” He also supports the Marxist terror group Black Lives Matter, drag queen story hours, open borders, and Big Tech censorship.

Critics have lambasted Oliver as being too progressive for the Libertarian ticket, pointing to his past support for movements and policies such as Black Lives Matter, drag queen story hours, and stringent Big Tech censorship.

Furthermore, his endorsement of controversial policies like open borders and mandatory vaccinations and masks solidifies his stance far from traditional libertarian values.

Oliver’s nomination has caused a major backlash within the Libertarian Party, with many members threatening to vote for Donald Trump instead.

Caryn Anne Harlos, the National Secretary for the Libertarian Party, has taken a hard stance against party members threatening to defect to Trump.

“If you are now alleging voting for Trump because you don’t like Oliver, you were not in the Party for thick and thin. And that’s fine but that’s not how third party movements survive. I am sticking around to carry on our legacy. I’m a Party person and never ever hid that. I remain so,” Harlos said.

However, the most dramatic development comes from Angela McArdle, the Libertarian Party Chair, who appears to be opening the door for an alignment with former President Donald Trump amidst the growing internal backlash.

In a recent statement, McArdle hinted at possible strategic collaborations with Trump.

“Everyone is understandably flipping out right now. I will have more to say this weekend,” said McArdle.

“For now, I will say that I delivered an incredible convention, with the help of my amazing staff and volunteers. All of my critics were WRONG. I made the right call to invite Donald Trump and if libertarians can behave themselves, he will free Ross Ulbricht and put one of us in his cabinet. Ball’s in your court, libertarians. We are getting in that administration,” she said.

On Saturday, President Donald Trump delivered a fiery speech that courted the Libertarian audience.

Despite his efforts to unify, not all attendees were swayed by Trump’s presence or proposals. A vocal segment of the crowd expressed their disapproval through boos and unruly behavior.

The president has had enough and said what needed to be said to the Libertarian Party.

“The Libertarian Party should nominate Trump for the President of the United States,” Trump announced, adding, “Only if you want to win. Maybe you don’t want to win,” he said. “Keep getting your 3% every four years.”

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